Saturday, September 8, 2012

OH i've missed you!

Enjoy the two songs i fell in love with during this trip:

Labor day weekend wouldn't have been as memorable as it was this year, if we didn't decide on going to Vegas. I haven't been to Vegas for almost two years and it was about time i did. My girlfriends and sister decided to save up and head to Vegas for Labor Day weekend. Definitely worth the money and the memories. See the photos below and  a video blog will be up in a couple of weeks. If you didn't know by now, i will be releasing video blogs of my weekends, instead of posting an actual blog. I will be using this blogspot to promote the videos, as well as do more fashion related posts. My passion and dream for design, has not been forgotten in this adventure. This new adventure is a time in my life, i want to remember forever.

Okay enough bull shitting, lets get to the pictures!

On the way to Vegas, there was a huge storm or something! I've never been through so much lightning before all around us! It was quite scary, yet beautiful!
 A much needed drink  for this trip:
So again, i'm starting to film all my weekends and this was the first clip of the night:
The trick to Vegas (from expert Steph) is that you go looking half ass to the club at 9:30 and get your free entrance stamp. Then head back to your hotel and get ready for another hour or two! For us, it was two hours until we were ready actually party! Picture time:

Instead of cabbing, we decided to just walk there from Bally's to Cosmo. It really looks like it's across the street but uhhh... it took us at least 20 minutes to across the street! LOL..And off we go!

DAY 1 in VEGAS in search of a free or cheap pool party! Marquee & Encore beach clubs were $40 a chick and $100 a dude.. OMG they made bank this weekend! Since us girls were on a budget, we had to sacrifice this pool party. We ended up at Tao beach club, which i would never go to again. Super small, but loved the music!

We actually ate Pho at Pho Kim Long this morning and when we got back from the beach club, we grubbed noodles again, lol..Grubbin' at Ichiban Japanese Restuarant
NIGHT 1: XS with Steve Angelo which was amazing!
This was funny.. where did Steph go? lol..

And more photos :)

XS, my favorite club in Vegas! 

The very nice guys we met and their limo. The funniest thing is that i fell asleep at their hotel restaurant lol.. i was sooo drained. I just remembered it was freezing in there and had ordered food. Basically no one touched the food and we had to pack everything to go!
And yes its about 7am in the morning now on Sunday lol.. and i'm awake! Finally time to head back to the hotel! We needed actual sleep this morning!

DAY 2: MARQUEE DAYCLUB with my favorite dj KASKADE.
We did a very bad job at photos today lol.. this was the only photo i think we took. I did get some video clips of Kaskade. Those will be on the video blog coming soon!
So, we came in at 9:30 again to XS and got our stamps. This time we were ready on time and went to pre-game with our loving buddy Evan! They were staying at Encore hotel, which is where XS night club was. Picture Time before heading out to XS for David Guetta!!
Finally at XS.. and we couldnt find a table! When you come out to big clubs with tons of people, there's no where to sit or dance really.
But then, we were pulled to come dance with some random Korean guys. To find out, they're Korean actors: Kim Ji Suk and Lee Jin Wook!!! Crap even i didn't know who they were LOL.. but hey! How many times in your life can you say you hung out with hot Korean actors!??!! Ahhh, i love my crazy life :P

DAY 3: EBC - Encore Beach Club with DEADMAU5 <3 First time hearing Deadmau5 dj. I was disappointed that we had to leave sooo early! He just started djing too when we left! I heard 30 minutes but it was worth it. I had a blast!

Overall, I would recommend Marquee for the party people! If you want a real party with people fist pumping, splasing water, down and dirty fun, definitely go to Marquee! If you wan a chill, relaxed, lounge around pool, go to Encore. Let's just say the highlight of the trip of Marquee with Kaskade! Nothing better than great music, friends, and fun!

So from seeing Avicii, Steve Angelo, Kaskade, David Guetta, Deadmau5, i want to see more!! This was one of the funniest trips i've taken. Though there are always difference with everyone LOL.. no details, i still had a blast. I love you girls and i can't wait to do it again! 

Again, tune into my youtube channel: LOVEN LISA for more videos and so forth of my adventures and life! Like they say, YOLO.. lol..

- moddame / lovenlisa - life, laugh, love! 

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