Thursday, August 9, 2012

May Dayzzz
It's been a very busy time for me this year, and I apologize for not keeping up with my blog! The last time i've blogged was April 30th and sadly, you've missed out all of them! Many new adventures have came my way and balancing everything is a total change for me. For today's blog, I wanted to take you back into May, to enjoy the single life, the married life, friends, love and joy, and most of <3

Early May, we enjoyed the company of friends and loved ones at my sister Boe's Bachelorette Party. Since Vegas was out of the questions with majority of these ladies married and with kids, we had to choose the next best option: Los Angeles. Of course since i am residing here, it was my job, along with all the best friends and family of Boe's, to plan it! 

First night pre-gaming at the Wilshire Hotel with our buddy Goose.

 And then at Club Colony in Hollywood

Then the next morning, we were off to shoot some photos on the beach at Santa Monica Pier.

Dining at Yankee Doodles on 3rd Street Promenade

Here's to my amateur work

Saturday night was memorizing. Themed in blue, all the ladies were lovely.  Beautiful decor and beautiful faces, all to celebrate this once in a lifetime event, Boe's Bachelorette. Again, thank you all for coming to share this moment with us!

And the naughty game we played. LOL, blind picking our names for the night! 
How to play: everyone had to call each other by their name tags throughout the night! If you got caught calling someone by their real names, then you'd loose! I lost pretty early in the night lol..

Hey! HEy! This was soooooo not funny -__- i choose this one blinded too! Some things in life, you just can't explain LOL..

And the night at Belasco Night Club in downtown LA

Whew, and the next morning we had some winners of the game!

And for the ones leaving last, we got to enjoy one of my favorite hang-over spot: Park's BBQ in ktown

Bi Bim Bap?? LOL.. very popular Korean dish, even served on the Korean airlines!

This is one of my favorite Korean soup, forgot the name but i'm sure if you show them this pic, they'll know what it is. Super yummy delicate beef rib that falls off the bone and you dip it in that sauce. Clear noodles sit at the bottom and the broth is soo hearty. I want some now...

So, that was early on in May. Now, the wedding on the 27th of May. One i'd never forget, and one that I must again thank God for. Congrats to my sister Boe and Chuy! We look forward to all the babies! And a big thank you to my mom and dad for having so many kids. I wouldn't trade my 10 brothers and sisters for all the riches in the world.

Time for family photos!

The In-Laws

The brothers and bride
And more...

With my sisters and neice

 The brother in laws and daddy

Some of my brothers with dad

Finally a pic of the groom and bride!

The father and daughter photo

This is what happens when the cousins all get together! LOL..

Sooooo.... wow.. June will be up next week! It's more party, party, partay! Come back soon!
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