Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm a Snoop Dogg fan, and i'm glad he went this route because this is where the money is.

Since it was pay-day today, i went out to dinner instead of uploading the new arrivals onto my site: http://www.moddame.com/. Sorry guys! I did decide to blog on my dinner venture to Little Tokyo. Tagged along to enjoy the 3rd year anniversary of Cha Ma-Ya of Tokyo. $5 ramen bowl specials! Cheap food, never miss out on these! The ramen was edible but i'm a picky eater. I want the best!

I would have to say that i enjoyed the deep fried shrimps the most. 

And the gorgeous view of downtown Los Angeles. 

 I don't know what the guys were doing, haha.

 The Koreans told me to post this. In Korean it means "do not enter" building LOL. 

 I have a sweet tooth and Pink Berry is every where here. These are my favorite toppings, though i'd prefer strawberries over raspberry.

Fashion tips for this blog:
1) buy a pair of nude everyday pumps if you haven't. They match all your outfits, no matter what colors you wear.
2) Change up your purses/bags weekly- it helps you style your daily outfits as well as keeps you fashionable. Never know who you'll meet today! This week, i am carrying my large vintage floral printed bag. This bag can carry my camera to work and back, and even fit my lunch box! I know wearing anything brown, olive, or tan/beige will match. So, every day this week i'm in those colors. Well, every day of the year im in those colors LOL. I am changing it up this year, i'm going to add more color to my wardrobe. I'm promising myself.

The lazy outfit for the day: my deer tee from h&m, f21 cargos, nude pumps, and the new jacket i picked up for the site, as well as kept one for myself! These are comfy, great fitting, and quality made. $30 plus 3.00 shipping. Don't forget, all USA orders are $3.00, combined shipping. These come in S/M/L. Grab them while you can because i only got one of each size for the site! 

Big thanks to Alex for the photos. Location: my apartment complex. 

Later this week, the new arrivals coming up! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love the weekends that i can say i didn't do much but be lazy. I enjoyed LA's gorgeous weather! Ran around on Saturday to buy new merchandise for the site, dined out, and ventured into the Farmer's Market on Larchmont. 

Farmer's Market's adventure of free food tasting. Many organic fruits and veges, and homemade goods. Yummy!

 Hand made jewelry and some from other countries.. super expensive lol..

 I really liked the whistle but not the beaded necklace attached to it. 

 Splurged $5 for one of these bottles. Super yummy chilled! 

 Free tasters!!  Couldn't say no to that! 

And i couldnt say no to brownies, the tasters got me right away! $3 for a 2x4" piece, the most i've paid for a brownie! 

 Probably this was the prettiest thing i saw at the farmer's market. I love pitbulls like i love my men. Ha ha! 

 Picked up this flame grilled chicken for $11! Very yummy ecept we needs some kind of salsa which they ran out of. 

 Sweet men wear flowers in their pockets. I put this one there, in hopes he'll become sweeter ;) 

 And a quickie photo of me when we got back. I didn't comb my hair this morning so tossed it in a lazy bun. 

New arrivals also will be posted tomorrow night. Don't forget to check them out! As for the moment, i'm shooting for the site. Let's just say, it takes hours and hours to change into outfits, edit lighting, and photos. I do everything on my own, so this is how i'm spending my Sunday. Here's the setup for my shoot. I use my studio kitchen for all my shoots. Looking into moving into another apartment with better sun light. 

I just wanted to say thank you to all the supporters of my site www.moddame.com. This site was just to kill some of my free time and a hobby of mines. It's becoming so much more with many people purchasing and viewing daily. I will do my best to keep adding new arrivals and paying my bills! And a goal this year is to actually start selling some of my own designs. I can only do one thing at a time, and time is limited. So, let's see when everything falls into place. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The weather is breezy, chilly, and who knows if it's going to rain these days. The weather today consisted of chills in the morning, sun in the afternoon, and some hamburgers for dinner. Really, it did. The look of the day.

I am in my favorite lazy striped collar shirt that i found at a secondhand store, my drape suede jacket, a cape jacket with the new fashion cut sleeves, f21 cargos, nude pumps from ebay, and a vintage floral bag.

 BTW, if you want one of these new fashion cape jackets i am wearing, email me at lisa@moddame.com. I am wearing a small and i'd say they fit true to size. I'll check if i can get some on my site. LMK ASAP! All sizes should be available. $30.00 plus $3.00 shipping! 

And a NEW ARRIVAL for men's on my site: www.moddame.com $17 bucks plus $3 shipping. Don't forget for most items, combined shipping is only $3 bucks!

And some new bling for her at $3.00 each and $1 shipping alone or free with anything else on my site. I kept a pair for myself. About 3 pairs on the site for sale! It's a pretty peachy rose with cheetah printed loop earring. Light on the ear and about 2" width. New! 

Don't forget to visit the site for the new men's clothing I add earlier this week. More new arrivals will be posted end of the week! I am also working on jewelry designs these days. I'll post them when i get a couple ready to flaunt! Everyone's income taxes and financial aid are kick'n in. If you're like me, i am so excited to buy some new clothes! YAY! Don't forget to shop at my place: www.moddame.com 

Hype me at http://www.lookbook.nu/moddame

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Listening to Mario "Music for Love" 

Today's blog is about MEN and FASHION. I'm not talking about what's in the magazine, or what's sitting in Gucci's store. I am talking about the everyday guy. The one who's not a skater, a nerd, or a prep. The one who's working a 9-5 job, and/or the one still in school, and the one that just wants to look fashionable, without trying so hard. To add a little edge, trend, and easy to wear styles to your closet, check out the photos below.
Two stores i recommend to complete these looks: H&M and Heritage 1981. Both affordable, and either one or the other are available in most decent size cities. H&M is one of the head chain stores that are up to date on fashion and at the most affordable prices, starting at $5.99 fitted tees and up. Heritage1981 has  it's own little style that i'm not to fond of, but they do have pieces here and there that will fit the criteria. Just pick up a couple of basics and you'll be able to start dressing more fashionable, without knowing much about fashion.  You're sure to get heads turning, without even trying.
Styling men has been a passion of mine, since the time i could afford a boyfriend. I have changed many of them from fashion poopers to fashion metro-sexuals. And i pat my back every time, wither i end up with them or not. I got to do something i loved, and that was to help style men. Luckily i was able to fit into most of their accessories, tees, and button-ups. My closet has always consisted of quite a few men's fashion. While finding pieces to add to www.moddame.com, I did a little styling to help you guys out. More to come in later blogs.

Some MUST HAVE in your closet: 
1) A PU Leather or Leather Jacket.
This jacket was available for order through my site but sold out. It's $120 PU Leather if you want to pre-order one with me. 

These thermals are perfect for this weather. These are available at: www.moddame.com in distressed olive and light blue as photographed below @ $15.00 each.

2.) Boots are a must-have in your closet. Slim down your pants from straight legs. Buy slim or skinny jeans. Alex is wearing slim jeans from H&M. Boots from Aldo's. Beanie from H&M.

Stripes are always good to have in the closet. This one is slim fitted and long sleeved. Has a unique zipper added on one side and is perfect for this weather and this shade of blue is one of 2012's trend colors. The shirts are available for $16.00 on my site www.moddame.com. To avoid the overdue prep look of stripes, pair the stripes with light colored sweaters, jackets, cardigans as shown below. Wear dark jeans or cargo pants (slimmed). 

3.) The Cardigan
Get them in all neutral or bright colors, this is the "new hoodie" piece for men. They go with anything and everything. Get them in heavy knit or thin and get them over sized or fitted, depending on your own personal liking. 

Get this slim fitted tee $10.00 on my site: www.moddame.com. Has a great fit and the graphic is neutral colored and distressed. Grey is one of the most wearable colors. 

Here's a cardigan over your basic v-tee. It turns the basic tee into a casual get-up that is ready for a date, or night out with the ladies. 

This v-tee is made to be worn lose. Men's growing trend is a lose shirt and fitted (skinny or slim) jeans. Get this shirt on my site: www.moddame.com.

Probably back in the days and in certain neighborhoods today, this blue collar shirt would look like a gangster's fashion. Today, pair it with the right pieces and buy it in the right fit, you'll be styling in fashion. Fabricated with thin stripes and a button trims, it's totally cute and up to date. This unique black stripe at front is very popular and makes this shirt a piece to buy. Only one available $20.00 on my site www.moddame.com. It's worn here with a leather jacket.

More tips on men's wear, women's wear, and my daily outfits later this week. See and buy the new arrivals at www.moddame.com. More on the site that i didn't add on the blog! See you next time.