Thursday, December 8, 2011

+modd@me new@rrivals

The music i am listening to, a beautiful song.

Los Angeles is finally feeling the morning chills as we rush around to work and daily activities. We're still in the trend of layering in our sweaters and jackets and boots. So as i shopped for pieces for, i wanted to offer everyone easy to layer pieces and outerwear. Everything can be found on my site! Shipping is only $3 for anything shipped within the USA! i also ship worldwide. Contact me for more details.
Twill Bad Boy Blazer $25 ( 1 SMALL) 
I am wearing a size Small and it's loose on me. I usually wear xs.
A vintage inspired herringbone blazer with cordoroy lapels, and a double pocket design at the right pocket. 

The Cheetah Poncho $40 (SMALL) 
I am wearing a small but this poncho if very wide and big on me. I am usually a xs.
The belt is keeping it snug fitted on me, but it looks great loose and big. This sexy poncho tunic is printed in cheetah, made in a heavy knitted fabric, and easy to wear over anything! It's a great layering piece over long sleeves and other thinner sweaters. Or wear a mini skirt and leggings for a night out! The sides are fully opened.

The Oversized Buckle Cardigan $39 (SMALL) 
I am wearing a Small. It is big on me. I usually wear a xs. 
This oversized cardigan is adorable worn over any thin sweaters, long sleeves, denim, and leather. I like the oversized look of all my garments. Also available in Black color (pre-order with me).

The Ribbed Faux Fur Vest $15.00
This super cute vest is ribbed of faux fur all around and has a scoop hem at back. I'm am selling this piece at a very low cost from what i originally got it for. I realized that not everyone will know how to wear it. Check out the vest at the site to see other ways of wearing it.

The Fuzz Talk Cardigan $20 (one size)
This is actually loose on me but again, i like loose  clothing. It's a one size fit all and in a beige color. i would say that it fits up to a medium size diva. Super cute to wear over a sexy dress or over your basic day wear. It adds a little girly touch to any outfit, and the boys like it.

The Distressed Day Sweater $17.00 (size one size)
I usually wear xs or small and this is the fit of the sweater on me. It's loose and comfortable to wear. Perfect for any day and really cute with heels for a sexier look. Wear tie up boots for an urban look. 

Polka Dot Blues Tee $15.00 (one size)
This top is a small and you can see that it's still big. I love the loose look of this top. It is made in stretch spandex and looks adorable for any age. Easy to wear with jeans or in a contrast bold color skirt. Anyone can wear this modern polka dot top!

The Warp Skirt $15 (size medium)
I am wearing a size small that i kept for myself. The medium size is for sale and fits like this. It's actually longer than the typical mini skirt, so its good for day wear to school and work. It's made of rayon knit, stretchy and easy to fit any body type.

The Minimalist Vest $15.00 (1 small & 1 medium available)
This is a definite unisex vest. It does not have much of a waist curve and sits straight on the body. Easy to layer over anything from a mini dress to every day wear. I was able to get one for myself and feel that this is one of the best finds this week!

The LOOKBOOK (all items are available @

And after my photos, i was off  to Alex's birthday dinner at Taylor's Steak House, walking distance from my apt in Koreatown. Thanks to Yummybear for the photos. I am wearing the fuzz buzz sweater in beige, i kept one for myself, and the outfit was easily put together with a pair of denim cut-offs, opaque leggins from h&m, and my deer blouse from f21.

So, i don't know when ill be able to blog again this year. I've been swamped with the REVIVED Fashion show on the 28th of December in Fresno. I have 10 outfits i must create in two weeks. Running out of fabrics, changing ideas, and not working as fast as i'd like to. On top of it, i don't get home from work until 7 pm weekdays, then dinner and cleaning. So let's estimate that i  start working on this stuff at 9:00 pm and bed time is 1 pm since i work at 8am. Designing isn't just something you can start doing right away. It takes a lot of thinking, drawing either in the brain or on paper. And when you finally get an idea, you end up changing it when making the patterns. So, until all of this is completed, i probably will not get a chance to blog anytime soon. I do hope you come to the show, or come back and see the final collection on my blog next year! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

+FIDM@lumni Holid@yP@rty

The FIDM 2011 Alumni Holiday Party
Always a fun event with free booze and yummy catering! Best of all, it's a good time to shake your calories off, catch up with old school buddies, and get drunk together (we were limited to 2 free drink cards, boo). This year, it was held at The Ritz Carlton and themed to Mad Men. 

The best part of the night and the reason i came: this yummy plate of food! The steak was so tender and soft and i am not over exaggerating. There were so many other dishes and desert but we never made it past the this one.

Arthur Trujillo and I 

Mikey Beats was amazing! The usually DJ out of SD but do private shows on the side. I didn't know FIDM knew their music this well. Two thumbs up FIDM!!!

An Alumni Emily Kolberg co-owner of
A new trend sourcing company.

Nik Sarac - a Graphic Designer

And the Alumni's and guests of the night

Arthur, Sira, and I - Cafe FIDM's hippest crew! LOL.

Classic Rock.

Loved the sequined & embellished cropped  cut of this vintage top.

So I finally had some time today to buy some new items for!
New post with the new arrivals in a couple of days!!

Also, don't forget to check out Arthur Trujillo's blog:
I've been swamped and haven't accompanied him to his great adventures in LA. He's been covering some very unique fashion shows from the events of RUNWAY and more. He's also going to be the guest host for  tonight for RUNWAY!! Great job Arthur and good luck!!