Saturday, December 3, 2011

+FIDM@lumni Holid@yP@rty

The FIDM 2011 Alumni Holiday Party
Always a fun event with free booze and yummy catering! Best of all, it's a good time to shake your calories off, catch up with old school buddies, and get drunk together (we were limited to 2 free drink cards, boo). This year, it was held at The Ritz Carlton and themed to Mad Men. 

The best part of the night and the reason i came: this yummy plate of food! The steak was so tender and soft and i am not over exaggerating. There were so many other dishes and desert but we never made it past the this one.

Arthur Trujillo and I 

Mikey Beats was amazing! The usually DJ out of SD but do private shows on the side. I didn't know FIDM knew their music this well. Two thumbs up FIDM!!!

An Alumni Emily Kolberg co-owner of
A new trend sourcing company.

Nik Sarac - a Graphic Designer

And the Alumni's and guests of the night

Arthur, Sira, and I - Cafe FIDM's hippest crew! LOL.

Classic Rock.

Loved the sequined & embellished cropped  cut of this vintage top.

So I finally had some time today to buy some new items for!
New post with the new arrivals in a couple of days!!

Also, don't forget to check out Arthur Trujillo's blog:
I've been swamped and haven't accompanied him to his great adventures in LA. He's been covering some very unique fashion shows from the events of RUNWAY and more. He's also going to be the guest host for  tonight for RUNWAY!! Great job Arthur and good luck!!

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