Wednesday, May 25, 2011

+cheetah booties

So, i bought these a couple of months ago, went crazy for booties because i found them for such a cheap price. Problem even for a fashionista like me, i felt over dressed at times when i wore them. So, today i dug through the basics i wear on a weekly basis and decided to put together some outfits that would work with these shoes. Of course this is just some of the looks you can do. I've seen girls in these that just look too "sexy mama" for me. The looks below add a little edge/fashion to make these gorgeous booties, more of a classification of fashion.

my cute cheetah booties 

 Work wear - errand runs

work wear- errand runs (man i look chubby) lol

lunch - shopping

bars- drinking - night time hang outs

shopping - hang outs - errands

If you've decided to invest in printed booties, I found some great places to purchase printed booties below. For unique shoes, always shop ebay. This time around, well i couldn't find too many printed booties.

**make an offer**
buy now @ $129
buy now @ $298

buy @ $36 size 6

**Good luck shopping**

Monday, May 23, 2011

+cardigan find

During a recent visit to the dollar sale at jet rag, i came across a cute little cardgian. it's really hard to find good fitting vintage cardigans due to wear and tear. this one had a couple of holes in the collar but heck, my hair is long so it's no prob to me. they never run out of style and their style doesn't change much through every decade!! This weekend to run errands, this is how i wore mines.

If you're not really a thrifty shopper but want to find a nice vintage piece,Pick up some cute pieces at Ebay:
Starting bid $9 EBAY

 Starting bid $21 EBAY

 Starting bid @ $9.99 EBAY

i just missed out on this one. i'm so sad! it was sold for $3!!! im sooooo depressed!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


run, run, as fast as you can.. and in doing so, who says you cant chase the wind fashionably? I've been in search of more affordable printed trousers, some i want to share with you all. They're a huge trend this year, mostly found in geometric, animal, and indie navajo prints. Most are priced above $100 or more. And if you're like me, they are worn less than a handful of times. i try to avoid wearing the same prints too often. it's not that i don't love them, it's that i love them too much so i dont want to grow tired of them!

these leopard windchasers were bought at my work place. I will be selling them on my website by the end of this month!
$60 one size - fit xs to small - Sits at ankles.

Alexander McQueen $1,565 -well, by the time i can afford this, it wouldn't be in style anymore! 

SOme Lace up wedges $30 @ forever21. Just bought these Love them!They work a lot with the trend right now and in one of my favorite yearly colors.

Here are some outfits that are some what affordable- only buy what you can afford, sub the rest with what you've already got in your closet!

f21 loose tank $7.90 - miss selfridge $57 printed pant - F21 elephant bracelet $6.80 - F21 brown wedges $29.80

F21 sleeveless blouse $16.90 - f21 brown heels $26.80 - topshop printed pant $60 - F21 elephant bracelet $6.80 - louis vuitton (fake?) croc wedged heels $226 online

asos $46 polka dot pants - do a f21 white stripe blouse at $18.90 or the red @ $19.90

asos striped pants $120 - sub the top for F21 $7.90 tank or $24.80 white boy shirt

asos reptile printed pant $176 and sub the top for f21 tops both @ $18.90

Well, for me im just doing thrift shops to find old high waisted pants with wide legs then cropping them and slimming the ankles to skinnies. If you can afford it, just buy the pants already made!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


One thing i love about big cites are the unique individuals you meet. My own friends are some of the most fun and exciting people to be around, and im sure some day we'll be ballin $$. This past Sunday, we decided to do a fun shoot on a beautiful bridge by downtown. With me is my bestfriend Arthur Trujillo. We met at FIDM and have been friends since.
photos by Lok Hwa - models Arthur Trujillo & I

Works at Daniel Rainn, Stylist, fashionisto.
photos by Lok Hwa - model Arthur Trujillo

unisex split side poncho will be available at the end of the month @ $19.00

Meet Lok - works at DreamWorks with lighting, talented photographer, artist, musician.
He wrote and sung a beautiful song called "change":

Some shots i did:

Some shots of me: this by Arthur.

photos by Lok Hwa - styling by me (thanks for lending me your poncho Alex). Fringed Feather belt will be available at the end of the month at $12.00

Sunday, May 15, 2011


watch the movie if you haven't! i followed X-men but not the Avengers. THOR was an amazing movie! definitely worth seeing what's underneath his costume LOL.

Dinner @ The Farmer's Market 

Late drink @ Toe Bang in Koreatown

The outfit of the night

thrifted blazer, striped top, cuff off collar - H&M pleather zipper skirt & leggings

Friday, May 13, 2011

+pretty RED

A wide scarf to cover the yummies, skinny jeans to make me look skinny, a cowboy blouse, and pretty REDS.
thrifted blouse - thrifted scarf - blank jeans - vintage belt & heels

Some special pieces we CAN and can't afford:
topshop $40 vintage

ioffer @ $150.00

F21 @ $2.98

striped zipper tank f21 @ 17.98

Topshop @ $80.00

little unicorns -topshop @ $200

feather top $37 @ asos

rider jacket @ $93 asos