Friday, February 15, 2013

All In One

The month of February came quickly. Don't forget that you can stay up to date with fashion, trends, and our lifestyle via our FB Fanpage:! Squeezing this blog into my day within 30 minutes so bear with the grammar. Thanks.

What's going on with the online boutique: A HUGE DRESS SALE going on right now! We've gotta bring in more so out with the old, and in with the new!

Here's a little fun design we did here! Don't forget to also follow our instagram: moddame (fashion/onlineboutique) and lovenlisa (fashion/life). 
Valentine's day! I hope you all spent it with someone special. It's funny, but i started with no valentine this year, and had none the other two years as well. I don't say it's unlucky, i think luck just works in different ways. Last night, the hours were closing in at work. My buddy asked if i wanted to grab dinner and of course i had no plans (still single, not ready to mingle, don't know what i want). So, we ended up going out to a place in Koreatown called Mandarin House. Must i note that he also got me some simple roses which was really sweet. I love roses btw. Never grew up with gentlemen who offered me things as such or gifts. I was the gentleman in my past relationships, but that's another blog LOL. Anyways, we had a delicious black bean noodle dish, along with some sweet and sour pork tempura. Who knew this would be so yummy! Try it next time.

The plan afterwards was to attend a Valentine party at Drais with my girl Jenny. She always pulls through for me, supports me, buys me dinner when i can't afford it, and understands that hard work, is hard work. You've gotta work! We realized, we were each others Valentine. I love this girl!

Other photos from the night: Jenny with her buddies JP and i forgot the other guy's name.

A picture with gorgeous Angela from Jetset promotions. Again im now promoting for Friction Ent. all Asian promoting groups. LMK if you ever want to come out and check out the asian scene in LA. 

Here with my buddy Lee from Kiramas promotions. He's one of the hottest LA Asian promoters!

We were not drunk LOL, the flash was just so strong that every time we tried taking a photo, this is what we chinks look like >.< Anyways, here with my buddy Wes and Bryan. All promoters from Friction, Go?, and Jetset. 

 Must watch movie:

 What's been on my mind as i age daily. Wrinkles kicking in and yet to find a boyfriend, yet a man of interest who will stay interested in me. I may just be too strong for my own good, also consisting of a hard head, stubborn, and sometimes bratty personality. There's always going to be the good and the bad. I was gifted with the patience and understanding that there's always two sides to a person. You may only see one side, and the other takes time to not see, but feel. When i put in, i stay in. But as my sister always tells me, not everyone is like me. In this world of LA, hustlars, ballas, and shot callas, who do you become? Overall, a message i try to remind myself daily:

 So the time is closer and i will officially be what my mom  calls it "a gangster." Yes, i am getting another tattoo. The first ones i got last month with my girls. Some stars and a moon and i must say that guy really sucked. I forgot the store name but when i remember, i'll make sure to let you all know. All i know was it was a Chinese older gentlemen. Reminded me of the tattoo artist in Ninja Assassin!

Anyways, guess what i'm getting: 

I've been eyeballing tattoos lately. This ones adorable. 
Last weeks Adventures:

Delicious places to try: Tin Tai Fung in Arcadia. Not a full on dumpling or dim sum spot but they have these amazing juicy soupy pork dumplings to die for.  Definitely a tourist spot so you will be waiting for a good hour to grub:

 A photo shoot i did with someone i call mr.right. A man going somewhere with his life, very passionate, a gentleman, fashionisto, and a great catch, and someone i look up. Anyways, he was kind enough to come in for a couple of hours to do some simple Man Shots and modeled some of the men's new arrivals on the site! Don't forget to check them out:!
Last weekend at Icon celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. They give out these little red envelopes that are meant for luck. Lucky me i got one last night at Drais! Here's some photos from this night at icon:

My sister Michael and I

My girls:
Weekend outfit pic and don't forget to follow the instagram for other fun adventures and my fashion.
Moddame - fashion/onlineboutique photos
lovenlisa - fashion/life/love photos

Great lighting in my hallway on Saturday

What's up ahead this weekend: I promote all of these FYI  213.935.0755 for more info!
FRIDAY: Well, tonight, i have two birthdays to attend so i really don't know exactly what's going to happen. My buddy Sung is having his birthday at Feria, a Korean booking club ( Cons: the ones that they drag the chicks around to different tables. Pros: free drinks at every table just by giving these guys a couple minutes of your time). I honestly like these clubs, easy ice breakers, and of course some creepers. Usually, the Korean guys only like the Korean girls LOL and i'm not Korean #sadfact but i still enjoy the atmosphere, great music, and yummy side dishes of fruits. My other buddy James is having his birthday at Lure, which at the moment, just had a grand opening Asian night a couple of Friday's ago. It's an okay turn out with a lot of FOB's. I mean, no offense i love fobs but it's a different crowd than the one i'm used to at Icon (more Americanized Asian crowd). So, which one to attend? i really have no idea. I want to do both but they're across from each other in LA.

SATURDAY: Hopefully getting up at 8am to shop for new arrivals for the site, along with shooting for the site, picking up more fake eyelashes, and some mail from the USPS. It really sucks living in some apts in LA. The mail boxes usually don't fit packages so you end up having to wait to pick up during the weekend. I'm excited, as there's accessories for the site in this package! Anyways, it's Icon for the night. We're doing a Speed Dating event from 8:30-10pm which i'm participating in. I'm very excited because i've never done it before and have always wanted too. Of course i'm not expecting to meet anyone special (mr.right) but i am expecting to meet some nice guys and have a good time laughing with drinks and free food! So far, I have a couple of tables booked for a birthday. It's always great having people come to me to help out with their birthdays and hang outs at Icon. I do my best!

SUNDAY: Don't wake me up until 11am to meet up with my besties. A weekend with some of my favorite people coming up this Sunday with some brunch, nice tour of DTLA, and maybe some light shopping. Its been awhile. Here's a throw back Thursdays with one of my besties Arthur Trujillo. Follow his blog here:

Also on Sunday, have another party going on at Supper Club in Hollywood. It Presidents Day weekend so why not! Except i work Monday morning (something i hope will change with my next job). It's going to be smooth sailin' for me on this night, but i wouldn't miss it. Our promoting groups are the top Asian promoters in LA and we always throw the best parties. No Joke! Again, lmk if you want to come out to book tables or guest list: 213.935.0755 LOVEN LISA.

I never tell anyone how to live their lives, unless they ask for the lecture. I must say though:
 People, people, people, we will never get along, nor can we all please one another. The way i see it, just let us live. You don't like me, don't act like you do or keep me as your friend on FB. You like me, get to know me. I don't live my life to please anyone. I suggest you do the same. Don't be a person you don't like within others.

 Last note to you. Get started on your dreams: