Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekend Finds

The Weekend Finds
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California girl

This week brought about cool weather to Los Angeles and we were enjoying every moment of it. Started the weekend with a trip to downtown LA. The go-to breakfast spot is always Uncle John's, located across the street from FIDM. Try their corned beef hash if you're into breakfast. If you need something more filling, go for the shrimp in lobster sauce over rice. They're a fusion of Chinese and American breakfast, all in one.

The day turned out successful in that I was able to find the base colors for the fall collection. Choosing the colors for the Moddame collection was based off 2 things: what was available for a small run, and what colors I’d be attracted to purchasing this year. Gray has been the new black for years now and it continues to be one of the most popular Fall colors. We've seen the years of brown, burgundies, and olive greens over and over. They are still very popular, but too safe for the collection. We will go with something more modern and wearable for Moddame. We'll be using the blacks, the grays, and sexy nudes that has been a hit for some years now. Our pop color will be the beautiful and bold blue. The chosen prints are our hidden jewels and won't be shown until the lookbook. As for the pieces in the works, Moddame's main focus will be on layering. Tees are in production now. Sweaters, bottoms, and a couple of sexy dresses are in their final design stages. There's still much to come of the collection and less than two months to complete. 

Working as a sole proprietor for Moddame, means having to cover the design aspects of the collection and everything else in a timely manner. This weekend, labels were finalized and put into production. The task to look for a team for the lookbook started. With friends in mind for the photography, I have turned to for a local model to shoot. Anyone you know that might be interested for the lookbook shoot, please do contact:


This week's focus: concentration of completing samples and upping the social media for Moddame. Blogger collaborations are in the works. Any recommendations to help or collaborate with this collection, please feel free to email: The release date of the Fall Collection is scheduled for the first day of Fall: Tuesday, September 23, 2014. Lookbook/Pre-order dates to come.

Thanks for reading. 


LA based,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Starting the Journey Again

Outfit of the week in the ruffled shorts of summer 2014.

It's been a year since I've last blogged, and a lot of positive things have happened since. Some of the things you've missed out on: I got a boyfriend. I moved out of LA, but am still living in the outskirts. I'm a lot happier now that I can drive to a CVS or food mart, andeasily find parking that I don't have to pay for. It's a big change from the LA city life I’ve lived for the past 7-8 years. With a friend's help, I've learned more about the production side of manufacturing and team management. Needless to say, I'm ready to move forward. 

After 2-3 years of being an online boutique, it's about time it became a
label. I graduated from FIDM years ago and have worked in the fashion industry since. I must say, there are always things to learn along the way, but if you don't start somewhere, you might never go anywhere. You can still learn as you go. With anything you start up, there's only way to go and that's forward. 

The Moddame label is in the works and 
I’ll be releasing my first labeled pieces in Fall 2014. It's already July 2014!! I'm a huge procrastinator, but I work best under pressure. My budget is on the low end. Nonetheless, I'll be producing limited quantities. But, on a more positive note, I’ll be designing by the method I know best, deconstruction. Being based in Los Angeles, the fashion industry is at my finger tips. After years of working in it, I can only hope to build a brand I can be proud of.

A little about Moddame the label: 

Why am I releasing the first Moddame labels this Fall? My first full collection was in Fall 2011 for the Revive Fashion Show in Fresno, CA. The second collection was released the following year for Fall 2012. After taking a year off,  
I felt that it was time to continue my track record with releasing the Moddame label this Fall. 

What styles and looks should you expect to see? I've always been driven by a comfortable yet classy fit, while maintaining that sexy, sophisticated look. But, at times I want something that's going to turn heads, something that is “fashion forward”, unique and one of a kind. ModDame will represent just that. The label will wear many faces, it’ll carry your basics and text printed tees that inspire us with quotes and graphics. It will carry those trending and bold pieces to accentuate the unique feel of ModDame. Most of all, Moddame will have those one of a kind pieces for the individuals with the drive to stand out and the desire to want something different. 

Many people ask me, “what does Moddame stand for?” Moddame is defined as The Modern Lady.

LA based, / This blog will come to an end as a new blog for Moddame The Label is out: Please visit me there. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Flower Me Down

Quote of the week:
"A morning when your thoughts and dreams are a blur. And to get back into reality, you cut off cupid's wings and walk on two feet again." -moddame
What's Trending: Cropped Tops
Sad truth, the older you get, the more likely you won't be wearing these, but they are in trend: cropped tops! Wear them with high waist skirts and shorts or wear them with low waist sexy denims and flaunt off that Summer bod. You can find them in all prints, solids, studded, embellished. Find them sexy and seamed for night life or cute and printed for day! Gives you a reason to work out those packs!

Get the adorable Mod Studder Cropped Top for only $15 on the site!

Dress of the week: The Chanel Doll Dress
It's adorable for weddings, dates, day or night, dates or dolls night! Made in a gorgeous soft lace and trimmed with a nude pleather sweetheart tube, in the all so trendy peplum design. These are selling fast and available here:
In LA and looking for places to party?
Well here's Friday and Saturday! Make sure to get on the guestlist for Free chicks and discounted dudes 213.935.0755 just msg full names to LOVEN LISA! Also if you want to celebrate, pop some bottles! RSVP with me! Call/text me for more info! 

 This Weeks Blog: Flower Me Down
 I've been in long search for a pair of floral pants. Since i am a square (short legs) sadly LOL, pants are always the hardest thing to fit on me. On top of it, i have bigger thighs so the regular 24's or 00 are tight. Anyways, I finally found some stretchy jeggings (one size fit) that were in an adorable floral print and toned in a vintage colorway. This was exactly my kind of style. I decided to give it a chic look with a basic tee. Go with a white, nude, or grey tee, to tone down any "girly" print. To put the outfit back together, i wore a blazer with matching colors to the leggings. I love this blazer because it's double breasted design, adding a touch of boy into this outfit. My studded bracelets helps add a modern swag, along with my vintage watch. And since i wanted to keep a vintage appeal, my vintage dooney bag was the perfect little bag for a day out in town. My pumps are knock offs of Jeffrey Campbell's. Why are they knock offs? Because he doesn't make them in a size 5 and that's what i wear! I'm just happy i found some that looked pretty similar. 

Blazer $20? ON SALE: F21
Grey Tee $15: F21
Floral Jeggings $15: DTLA
Wannabe Jeffrey Campbell Pumps: $50
Vintage Dooney Bag: $20
Bracelets $2.50: Buy Now:

Stay up to date with all my fashion outfits and new arrivals on facebook:! I'm now also on Instagram under: lovenlisa and moddame! Follow me!

This past weekend, i actually took a little vaca to VEGAS. It was very last minute and decided to tag along with my girlfriend Joan and a group of her friends and their friends. Now, i've only met one girl Sarah a couple of times before, but everyone else on the trip was going to be strangers. It's always nerve wrecking spending any weekend with people you don't know. And even more nerve wrecking on a trip! Overall, all the chics were super friendly, we all got along, laughed, played, and enjoyed our adventurous time in Vegas. Take a look below:

 Drove out Thursday night at 10pm i believe and got there around 3, checked in around 4am and totally knocked out! This photo is from Friday while getting ready for Encore Beach club!

No, i don't smoke LOL.. i just had a cigarette in my hand AYEeee.. 
Anyways, photo snapping away at Encore Beach Club, and yes, i've gained weight! I'm getting old so what do you expect? Plus i'm lazy, no denial on that one. But the longer i stare at this photo, the more i want to work out LOL.. okay, i'll work out after i write this blog -___- Oh and i forgot to mention that Fedde Le Grand was djing! I only saw him for like 10 minutes before the girls wanted to leave :(
Here we are at the MGM Casino for Hakkassan Night Club. It just opened a couple of weeks ago with 5 floors of dancing and different music genres. Interestingly enough, most of us chicks had blue dresses LOL. Pa in white, was one of my models for both years of the Moddame Fall/Winter Collection. She recently moved to Vegas so i called her out to join the crazy nights to come! Tiesto was playing tonight so we were all very excited for that. I've only seen him a couple of times, though i've known of him and loved his music for so many years. Again, only lasted like 30 min. to an hour of his set. We're just all tired from standing around all night or wasted from waiting around all night! The dj's come on at 1:30am and us chicks need to get there around 10pm to get in FREE! But hey, we got in free lol ( guys pay like $50 plus a head) LOL.. i love VEGAS and in Vegas, men and Vegas love women :)

All the chicks on this trip:

Since i love steak and eggs, we bugged the taxi driver to drop us off at a $4.99 steak and eggs place. I remembered Tuscany Suites was behind the main strip, but couldn't remember the name Tuscany! So the taxi rudely dropped us off at the Embassy Suite (this place here) for $5.99 steak and eggs. He was very rude and wouldn't give Joan back her rightful change. It was the worst service we've ever gotten. I was a little tipsy so i couldn't respond to the whole situation, i just needed to be fed. Poor Joan, i'm really sorry! Anyways i know it looks delish, BUT DON'T COME HERE. The service is horrible and the food was hard and stale, and everything could've just been frozen at one time and then defrosted. We barely touched it and just left due to the dramas of the night. In the future, go to Tuscany Suites for $4.99 steak and eggs. It's definitely good food for the price!

We stayed at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, which is probably the fanciest hotel i've stayed at in Vegas LOL. I'm always on a budget! But, that will change someday!

I had to share this because it's so insane and crazy and also another reason why i don't like staying at fancy hotels. So, these teasers are all censored to movement. You cannot move them around or pick them up, or you better just eat and drink it. You'll get charged just for moving them around. It's just insane i couldn't believe it! That water is probably $10 and each bag of the snack i presume are $15 LOL..

Saturday: Marquee Day Club for Armin Van Buuren! Of course still one of my favorite dj's. I was excited to see him here because he's always amazing every time i've seen him. I must say one thing for sure, pool parties are not for him. It's for KASKADE lol.. or more of a EDM genre. Armin is trance and it just gets a little boring in the pool. With EDM, you've got these strong beats at many times of a song that makes you want to fist pump and splash water at everyone! Well, that's what i love about Marquee! Everyone gets wet and wild <3

Dinner: California Pizza Kitchen
Humm.. i love pasta and i do like yummy pizza, but.. i wasn't really feeling this place. The pasta tasted like a fieta Mexican dish with pasta and the pizza tasted like a pizza. LOL, i sure am picky but i just see it as someone who knows good food! Great thing about it was that i didn't eat much so that helped a little with the weight watching haha.. Just kidding. 

To get in FREE as i've mentioned before, you've gotta be a chic, get on guestlist, and get there early, usually around 9:30-10pm. It's great in Vegas being a chic LOL... 
At XS, AVICII was djing. He's one of my favorites! I've seen him two or three times but i think he's amazing and love his mixes. We had a pretty good time from what i can remember. Luckily i met up with a doctor friend of mines who had a table with a ton of other doctors. That helped the girls with a place to sit, free alcohol, and meeting new men with a great profession! And again, majority of us had black dresses LOL, so we decided to play up a bachelorette theme for the night!

And yes, i love this dress i'm wearing! It's perfect for Vegas with its built in bra and fringe and chain design! You can get yourself one at my boutique here:
And that was Vegas, and i don't want to go back for another couple of months. I miss Icon every time i go out of town. It's weird.

What I'm dancing to this week: 
So, I keep hearing this song on the House Channel on Pandora and continue to check who's it by! And over and over i realize it's the same song. It's catchy, great beats, and you'll sure to love it!

That's not all i'm listening to this week. I've fallen in love with MrSuicideSheep. He's such an amazing producer ( i think he's a producer)? Follow him on youtube! His songs are just amazing and very emotional i should say. It reminded of Kaskade's music but with dub step. Here' some of my favorites below and i haven't even listened to all of them. He's got so many:

Oh yea! Rushed back on Sunday night meet up with my Friction Promoting team and got my 3rd award for TOP PROMOTER in my group! It's so exciting because i honestly work really hard for this! Thank you to everyone who continues to use me as their promoter for guest lists and bottle reservations. All your money goes to my smiles, laughs, tears, love, and life. It means the world and i'll continue giving the best service that i can, each and every night!
Some of us Friction chics and yea we look like crap but heck, its Sunday! Leave us alone :P

And, short hair yay or nay? Trust me, it's only cute in this photo lol.. I won't be waking up like this everyday!!

These are sooo funny and true. Just read it! You'll only understand if you're an OG like me LOL..

And maybe i haven't done this continuously to achieve this look, but it's getting there! I honestly do see some kind of lift on my flat ass lol.. Give a girl a break! I have a life dammit! Good luck girls!

And until next week, enjoy your weekend and live like age doesnt' exist! Don't forget to shop the site of course! And come "LIKE" the fanpage: