Friday, April 29, 2011

"hand candy & neck kisses"

Hand candy = glove deluxe! My search for amazing gloves have led me to blog on gloves! Definity can't afford any of these but my collection of cropped vintage gloves will do for now. The hand is never as adored until it is snugged in a awesome glove. Gloves will make you or break you. I own tons of gloves and scarfs, etc. They're actually yearly accessories for me. As Fall comes around, they are revitalized throughout the run way. For your pleasurable viewing, see what i've picked out below:

In search of gloves, my other fascination are neck kisses: scarfs & wraps. This year, amazing pieces are being shown on the runway! Can't afford it? Cut up a sweater to make ponchos, or redesign an oversized sweater! (note: matching scarfs & wraps to tops & sweaters are a big trend this season)

LA Weather = gorgeous breeze and sunny skies- caught just enough sun for the photos.
urban outfitters felt hat - f21 knit jacket(i love this piece), red shorts, navajo belt, mustard pumps - vintage blouse & gloves (note on f21: if you want fashion, thats the place to go! yes they're cheap but they're fast on trends which comes and go, just donate the pieces when they run out of style LOL)

Big thankyou! to Alex for helping out with my photos :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"the True Form of adam"

I have an obsession with men, actually with what i can dress them in. Men's fashion is so unique yet continuously carries the same look year after year. Though many things are trending yearly, i found pieces that are constant year round in men's fashion & my own. Below are some fashionistos who definitely SWAG!

Paris - furs, plaids, trenchs, big bags, amazing hats, this is my looks

London- suits, colors, prints, blazers, amazing slim cuts, slick hair-dos

London- street, leathers, scarfs, layering (Looks like LA) & me!

London- ponchos, trenches, suit attire, neutral tones, never out of style

London- demins, amazing  layering, chillaxed

Suit cases- all time favs

NY- love this jacket & trend blue

Love leather and these amazing gloves

Some trends to look out for: sand, layers, netural tones

An urban way to wear ABC's - i like it!

Don't forget to get your shirt pin @ site will launch in May

Don't forget to get your leather vest key chain @

-until the flu goes away, i will return again <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

the animal show

The Animal Show
-a sunday in LA and fashion finds at $1!!!! The chances are slim to find great great pieces but if you get lucky, oh my! We line up ready for a dig into these white bags full of vintage clothing. I was too busy being an aggressive animal with handfuls of clothing that i couldnt snap the right photos. Jet Rag is the place to hit up on Sunday morning.

of course there's going to be fashionistas and nistos hittin up the scene, below are acouple of LA fashion peeps.

As, i decided to shop for some vintage sheer pants, i ran across an ebayer by the name of: Bustown Modern. Her taste in vintage clothing was amazing! i'm alittle boyish in my vintage looks but she definitely pulled off more of the feminine side of my kind of vintage. Below are just some of the items i found amazing on bids right now!


i also found her main photos as an inspiration of my own style and views on fashion. I love the edgy look but my style originated from vintage clothing and the <3 for nature. Her color coordination is amazing. It doesnt really matter what you wear, as long as your color coordinated.

Friday, April 15, 2011

art walkin'

While everyone is at Coachella, i'm home blogging! Today though, i'd rather be at Coachilla than blogging! LOL Tickets were sold out months ago!! And I couldn't be sick to work on Monday, now that i'm too old for spring break ;) Let's just enjoy last night's art walkin'

...downtown holds a magical place of fairies and flower beds (and crazy drivers on both sides)...
Arthur's swaggin his vintage jacket

there's actually so much to see that i only had time to visit two galleries! 

Here are some photos of the pieces i liked.

"wake up already" - $350
"reflective beauty" - Suling Wang

 The next gallery:

it's crazy here, and i mean the people are either crazy or talented! LOL

being the shopping bug that i am, luckily i used all my cash or i would've picked up acouple of pieces
 hand made metal bent rings and necklaces @ $10+
faux furs and leather bags $30+

vintage thrift trench coat, cowboy's shirt, heels, belt - abercrombie & fitch vintage collection plaid pant -  f21 crop socks

Should be hittin up The Standard this Sunday, hopefully some fashionistos & fashionistas will be there for a nice LA fASHION bLOG. See you then!