Friday, April 29, 2011

"hand candy & neck kisses"

Hand candy = glove deluxe! My search for amazing gloves have led me to blog on gloves! Definity can't afford any of these but my collection of cropped vintage gloves will do for now. The hand is never as adored until it is snugged in a awesome glove. Gloves will make you or break you. I own tons of gloves and scarfs, etc. They're actually yearly accessories for me. As Fall comes around, they are revitalized throughout the run way. For your pleasurable viewing, see what i've picked out below:

In search of gloves, my other fascination are neck kisses: scarfs & wraps. This year, amazing pieces are being shown on the runway! Can't afford it? Cut up a sweater to make ponchos, or redesign an oversized sweater! (note: matching scarfs & wraps to tops & sweaters are a big trend this season)

LA Weather = gorgeous breeze and sunny skies- caught just enough sun for the photos.
urban outfitters felt hat - f21 knit jacket(i love this piece), red shorts, navajo belt, mustard pumps - vintage blouse & gloves (note on f21: if you want fashion, thats the place to go! yes they're cheap but they're fast on trends which comes and go, just donate the pieces when they run out of style LOL)

Big thankyou! to Alex for helping out with my photos :)

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  1. You have a great eye for hand candy! Come see our collection at! You may have found an oasis in your search for gloves, honest. :)