Monday, May 2, 2011

trending now and then??

Fashion, never changes i think.. it just comes and goes and comes again. Maybe it will come with a new twist, but we've seen it before. One thing i love about avant-garde fashion is that it is something new and creative, sometimes extreme and most of the time, it never makes it big because not everyone can pull it off. Well, instead of showing avant-garde designs today, im blogging about other trends i've seen online and out and about LA. Anyone can wear them, there's just certain ways to wear them that will make you all more of a fashionista.

Lets start off with some of my favorite fashionistas: Mary Kate and Ashley! Here's some photos of just how print/color coordinated they are:
Now to start off with a huge trend this season: we carry onto the wide leg pant- yes they've been around for a good two years but it's not until this year, are we seeing more people wearing them. I've seen most people wear them as high waist dressy pants, or just too dressed up for everyday wear. Being my height and low on cash, i haven't invested in my wide legs yet. But, there's no one wearing these pants better than Mary Kate and Ashley.
Here's a couple more runways & celebs who are hot in these:

Another summer trend that showed up on the runway 3 years ago was tassel belts (shows up every summer really) here's some from Gucci and then there's some that's more affordable below :)

Here are some on the market: $17 $145

topshop $56

urbanoutfitters $9.99 sale

My weekend was really busy running around town and hanging out with friends in Koreatown. Couldn't snap any new photos for the blog except one outfit of mines here:
vintage leopard cardigan & belt - h&m bandaged skirt, chambray blouse, & leggings

Vinnie stopped by always lookin hip so i snapped a couple of photos of him. Find him @!/vennievidivici
Rockin a leather jacket, simple tee, vintage boots, and an amazing kelt~ i was just talking with a friend about how kelts have been in but not many people can pull them off! Vinnie is an exception!

He's also wearing a safety pin earring! i'm assuming he made this himself.. very talented!

and accessories (my fav pieces of any outfits) he's got a spiked bracelet & skull rings. To pull off this look, you better have swag. Vinnie's amazing!

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