Thursday, October 27, 2011


Doing some trend researching for next year. Some of my favorites are below.

The swan one is from Paul & Joe, just gorgeous.
You're going to see animals and birds and landscape graphics and prints.

The whole ethic and tribal, south western prints will be trendy all year long.

Be on the lookout for all kinds of spots! Always trendy. Top piece by Cacheral.

Zig zags in all kinds of contrasting prints or bolds. This one by Carven.

Many use of floral prints and photoreal contrasting prints. This one by Julian Louie.

Nature graphics, one of my favs in design is going to be a trend next year. These were done perfectly and you'll see knock off every where next year for sure! This one is from Drais Van Noten.

Textured fabrics are always one of my favorites and never out of trend. Here's a piece for next spring from Stella McCartney.

A Special Fall
Something special this year from Burberry's Fall collection. These black paillettes are so unique. Paillettes filled the runways and are definitely a couture piece to have.
This one is from Louis Vuitton

Shop H&M in November, and i believe on the 12th is the release of Versace's collection for H&M. The lines are usually insane and out the door. H&M is my favorite place to shop. Always trending the latest wearable fashion. Here's a sneak peak of the collection:

-Okay, im off to work at work and to work on my costume tonight.. going to work hard on it so i can show in on the American Apparel Halloween contest!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sunday ended up a shoot, but not one of a flower growing in the city but a MOD inspired theme. I didn't style the shoot after all, but was glad to see it in action. Thanks for the invite Francis (the photographer)! Arthur joined us in our venture downtown LA. Tiffany is gorgeous in these looks and we were able to shoot some with my piece i designed for the REVIVED Fashion Show in December. 
More photos of Tiffany to come from the photographer Francis!!

What's been happening in life: 
I've been enjoying my rest time but it looks like i've gotta get back to work. I did a couple of designs for the Sunday's shoot but they didn't work out, so i'll probably shoot it on myself sometime soon! I've also been planning out my Halloween costume. I usually make or create my look each year. This year is an exciting one because ill be making the complete outfit. I'll post photos if i do. There's also a mass of time in planning my designs for the REVIVE Fashion Show in December. So far, i've got three gorgeous models for the runway! See them below:

Michael modeling the teaser piece for my Fall runway collection.
Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree.

Chandra Her

Leslie Xiong

More to come in the week. See you on the next blog!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

+anthonyFranco fashion+show

10-21-2011 I was invited by one of my favorite friends, Andres Alves to see Anthony Franco's Spring 2012 Collection at the Sunset Gowers, in Hollywood. My friend Andres specializes in knit and design and has worked with many contemporary lines here in the states. The knit pieces below were made with his talent and Franco's design concept. Below are photos from Anthony Franco's collection, along with a short video. I apologize for the bad quality and far seat shooting. 

A couple of the knits in the collection. There were more but the quality was not too great.

A video of the complete collection! Blurry!

My outfit for the show- a thrift oversized cardigan warped and wrapped then belted, vintage blouse, green leggings, and nude platform pumps! I looked drained.
Here's Andres.
And some a drink afterwards at Harvard & Stone Bar on Hollywood. Definitely a New York style bar, so if you're into that scene, this place is for you. Cozy and old school feeling.

I did just come from a 10 hour full time job, then rushed to the fashion show, the bar, and the last stop to chill with my best friends at their pad in Korea town (thank god we live a walking corner from each other). It's great having two friends who DJ. We'll never have to pay for a DJ again!

So, tonight i'm prepping for a photo shoot tomorrow. I'll be styling the shoot. It's actually my first time styling by myself! A little nervous but we'll see how it turns out. The theme is a dark alley, curb, city, and the model is a flower, a light, a bloom.. so here's some of my inspirational photos and some from Francis, the photographer:

We'll see how the shoot goes! BTW, new items will be up for sale on tomorrow!! Fall is here!