Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sunday ended up a shoot, but not one of a flower growing in the city but a MOD inspired theme. I didn't style the shoot after all, but was glad to see it in action. Thanks for the invite Francis (the photographer)! Arthur joined us in our venture downtown LA. Tiffany is gorgeous in these looks and we were able to shoot some with my piece i designed for the REVIVED Fashion Show in December. 
More photos of Tiffany to come from the photographer Francis!!

What's been happening in life: 
I've been enjoying my rest time but it looks like i've gotta get back to work. I did a couple of designs for the Sunday's shoot but they didn't work out, so i'll probably shoot it on myself sometime soon! I've also been planning out my Halloween costume. I usually make or create my look each year. This year is an exciting one because ill be making the complete outfit. I'll post photos if i do. There's also a mass of time in planning my designs for the REVIVE Fashion Show in December. So far, i've got three gorgeous models for the runway! See them below:

Michael modeling the teaser piece for my Fall runway collection.
Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree.

Chandra Her

Leslie Xiong

More to come in the week. See you on the next blog!

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