Friday, April 15, 2011

art walkin'

While everyone is at Coachella, i'm home blogging! Today though, i'd rather be at Coachilla than blogging! LOL Tickets were sold out months ago!! And I couldn't be sick to work on Monday, now that i'm too old for spring break ;) Let's just enjoy last night's art walkin'

...downtown holds a magical place of fairies and flower beds (and crazy drivers on both sides)...
Arthur's swaggin his vintage jacket

there's actually so much to see that i only had time to visit two galleries! 

Here are some photos of the pieces i liked.

"wake up already" - $350
"reflective beauty" - Suling Wang

 The next gallery:

it's crazy here, and i mean the people are either crazy or talented! LOL

being the shopping bug that i am, luckily i used all my cash or i would've picked up acouple of pieces
 hand made metal bent rings and necklaces @ $10+
faux furs and leather bags $30+

vintage thrift trench coat, cowboy's shirt, heels, belt - abercrombie & fitch vintage collection plaid pant -  f21 crop socks

Should be hittin up The Standard this Sunday, hopefully some fashionistos & fashionistas will be there for a nice LA fASHION bLOG. See you then!


  1. I really, really like your friend's style. I wish I could pull it off!

  2. yea he's amazing! you've definately got style too! and you can pull it off forsure! just go with it wither or not people like it :)