Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekend Finds

The Weekend Finds
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California girl

This week brought about cool weather to Los Angeles and we were enjoying every moment of it. Started the weekend with a trip to downtown LA. The go-to breakfast spot is always Uncle John's, located across the street from FIDM. Try their corned beef hash if you're into breakfast. If you need something more filling, go for the shrimp in lobster sauce over rice. They're a fusion of Chinese and American breakfast, all in one.

The day turned out successful in that I was able to find the base colors for the fall collection. Choosing the colors for the Moddame collection was based off 2 things: what was available for a small run, and what colors I’d be attracted to purchasing this year. Gray has been the new black for years now and it continues to be one of the most popular Fall colors. We've seen the years of brown, burgundies, and olive greens over and over. They are still very popular, but too safe for the collection. We will go with something more modern and wearable for Moddame. We'll be using the blacks, the grays, and sexy nudes that has been a hit for some years now. Our pop color will be the beautiful and bold blue. The chosen prints are our hidden jewels and won't be shown until the lookbook. As for the pieces in the works, Moddame's main focus will be on layering. Tees are in production now. Sweaters, bottoms, and a couple of sexy dresses are in their final design stages. There's still much to come of the collection and less than two months to complete. 

Working as a sole proprietor for Moddame, means having to cover the design aspects of the collection and everything else in a timely manner. This weekend, labels were finalized and put into production. The task to look for a team for the lookbook started. With friends in mind for the photography, I have turned to for a local model to shoot. Anyone you know that might be interested for the lookbook shoot, please do contact:


This week's focus: concentration of completing samples and upping the social media for Moddame. Blogger collaborations are in the works. Any recommendations to help or collaborate with this collection, please feel free to email: The release date of the Fall Collection is scheduled for the first day of Fall: Tuesday, September 23, 2014. Lookbook/Pre-order dates to come.

Thanks for reading. 


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