Wednesday, May 25, 2011

+cheetah booties

So, i bought these a couple of months ago, went crazy for booties because i found them for such a cheap price. Problem even for a fashionista like me, i felt over dressed at times when i wore them. So, today i dug through the basics i wear on a weekly basis and decided to put together some outfits that would work with these shoes. Of course this is just some of the looks you can do. I've seen girls in these that just look too "sexy mama" for me. The looks below add a little edge/fashion to make these gorgeous booties, more of a classification of fashion.

my cute cheetah booties 

 Work wear - errand runs

work wear- errand runs (man i look chubby) lol

lunch - shopping

bars- drinking - night time hang outs

shopping - hang outs - errands

If you've decided to invest in printed booties, I found some great places to purchase printed booties below. For unique shoes, always shop ebay. This time around, well i couldn't find too many printed booties.

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**Good luck shopping**

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