Monday, May 23, 2011

+cardigan find

During a recent visit to the dollar sale at jet rag, i came across a cute little cardgian. it's really hard to find good fitting vintage cardigans due to wear and tear. this one had a couple of holes in the collar but heck, my hair is long so it's no prob to me. they never run out of style and their style doesn't change much through every decade!! This weekend to run errands, this is how i wore mines.

If you're not really a thrifty shopper but want to find a nice vintage piece,Pick up some cute pieces at Ebay:
Starting bid $9 EBAY

 Starting bid $21 EBAY

 Starting bid @ $9.99 EBAY

i just missed out on this one. i'm so sad! it was sold for $3!!! im sooooo depressed!!!!

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