Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm a Snoop Dogg fan, and i'm glad he went this route because this is where the money is.

Since it was pay-day today, i went out to dinner instead of uploading the new arrivals onto my site: http://www.moddame.com/. Sorry guys! I did decide to blog on my dinner venture to Little Tokyo. Tagged along to enjoy the 3rd year anniversary of Cha Ma-Ya of Tokyo. $5 ramen bowl specials! Cheap food, never miss out on these! The ramen was edible but i'm a picky eater. I want the best!

I would have to say that i enjoyed the deep fried shrimps the most. 

And the gorgeous view of downtown Los Angeles. 

 I don't know what the guys were doing, haha.

 The Koreans told me to post this. In Korean it means "do not enter" building LOL. 

 I have a sweet tooth and Pink Berry is every where here. These are my favorite toppings, though i'd prefer strawberries over raspberry.

Fashion tips for this blog:
1) buy a pair of nude everyday pumps if you haven't. They match all your outfits, no matter what colors you wear.
2) Change up your purses/bags weekly- it helps you style your daily outfits as well as keeps you fashionable. Never know who you'll meet today! This week, i am carrying my large vintage floral printed bag. This bag can carry my camera to work and back, and even fit my lunch box! I know wearing anything brown, olive, or tan/beige will match. So, every day this week i'm in those colors. Well, every day of the year im in those colors LOL. I am changing it up this year, i'm going to add more color to my wardrobe. I'm promising myself.

The lazy outfit for the day: my deer tee from h&m, f21 cargos, nude pumps, and the new jacket i picked up for the site, as well as kept one for myself! These are comfy, great fitting, and quality made. $30 plus 3.00 shipping. Don't forget, all USA orders are $3.00, combined shipping. These come in S/M/L. Grab them while you can because i only got one of each size for the site! 

Big thanks to Alex for the photos. Location: my apartment complex. 

Later this week, the new arrivals coming up! 


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