Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love the weekends that i can say i didn't do much but be lazy. I enjoyed LA's gorgeous weather! Ran around on Saturday to buy new merchandise for the site, dined out, and ventured into the Farmer's Market on Larchmont. 

Farmer's Market's adventure of free food tasting. Many organic fruits and veges, and homemade goods. Yummy!

 Hand made jewelry and some from other countries.. super expensive lol..

 I really liked the whistle but not the beaded necklace attached to it. 

 Splurged $5 for one of these bottles. Super yummy chilled! 

 Free tasters!!  Couldn't say no to that! 

And i couldnt say no to brownies, the tasters got me right away! $3 for a 2x4" piece, the most i've paid for a brownie! 

 Probably this was the prettiest thing i saw at the farmer's market. I love pitbulls like i love my men. Ha ha! 

 Picked up this flame grilled chicken for $11! Very yummy ecept we needs some kind of salsa which they ran out of. 

 Sweet men wear flowers in their pockets. I put this one there, in hopes he'll become sweeter ;) 

 And a quickie photo of me when we got back. I didn't comb my hair this morning so tossed it in a lazy bun. 

New arrivals also will be posted tomorrow night. Don't forget to check them out! As for the moment, i'm shooting for the site. Let's just say, it takes hours and hours to change into outfits, edit lighting, and photos. I do everything on my own, so this is how i'm spending my Sunday. Here's the setup for my shoot. I use my studio kitchen for all my shoots. Looking into moving into another apartment with better sun light. 

I just wanted to say thank you to all the supporters of my site This site was just to kill some of my free time and a hobby of mines. It's becoming so much more with many people purchasing and viewing daily. I will do my best to keep adding new arrivals and paying my bills! And a goal this year is to actually start selling some of my own designs. I can only do one thing at a time, and time is limited. So, let's see when everything falls into place. 


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  1. You would think that would be a big problem, but no. The biggest problem is that the kitchen countertops weren’t level. Everything rolled off of them onto the floor! Clearly, something had to be done.