Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The weather is breezy, chilly, and who knows if it's going to rain these days. The weather today consisted of chills in the morning, sun in the afternoon, and some hamburgers for dinner. Really, it did. The look of the day.

I am in my favorite lazy striped collar shirt that i found at a secondhand store, my drape suede jacket, a cape jacket with the new fashion cut sleeves, f21 cargos, nude pumps from ebay, and a vintage floral bag.

 BTW, if you want one of these new fashion cape jackets i am wearing, email me at I am wearing a small and i'd say they fit true to size. I'll check if i can get some on my site. LMK ASAP! All sizes should be available. $30.00 plus $3.00 shipping! 

And a NEW ARRIVAL for men's on my site: $17 bucks plus $3 shipping. Don't forget for most items, combined shipping is only $3 bucks!

And some new bling for her at $3.00 each and $1 shipping alone or free with anything else on my site. I kept a pair for myself. About 3 pairs on the site for sale! It's a pretty peachy rose with cheetah printed loop earring. Light on the ear and about 2" width. New! 

Don't forget to visit the site for the new men's clothing I add earlier this week. More new arrivals will be posted end of the week! I am also working on jewelry designs these days. I'll post them when i get a couple ready to flaunt! Everyone's income taxes and financial aid are kick'n in. If you're like me, i am so excited to buy some new clothes! YAY! Don't forget to shop at my place: 

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  1. the cape jacket - i die. i may just need to order one of these. & swoon over your carryon bag. thanks for stopping by my blog - you are gorgeous & i love your style (not to mention flawless skin!)