Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A Sunday to just enjoy the sun and outdoors. Decided to wear one of my favorite colors: navy blue & mustard. My skin also matches magenta purple, though i only own a couple of these colors in my yearly fall wardrobe. A note to take:  learn what colors look best on your skin and stock up on cute dresses, tops, and bottoms with these colors. You'll know any outfit you put together will look great on you. I couldn't find anything to wear this Sunday, so i threw on my shorts i made for the Moddame Collection this past fall. I will be designing some more high waist shorts, since they are rare to find with a good fit. 

Started my morning with sandwiches and desert at Portos Cafe. They have delicious deserts and are well known down south for their cheap prices, wide selection of cakes, & deserts. They have two location: one in Glendale and one in Burbank. I had gotten two cakes from Portos for my birthday: the infamous Persian chocolate cake. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but this chocolate cake is not overwhelming and not too sweet. Try it when you're in town! Oh, don't forget the delicious Potato balls. The tastes like a potato and burrito in one! 

Found these adorable sandals at the Goodwill across the street from Portos! $8 and totally worth it!

Accessorized today's outfit with neutrals from h&m and a gorgeous band that my boss got me at a Fashion Market week in Dallas. 

Instead of the Botanical Gardens that was on the agenda, we ended up at the old LA Zoo. Arthur had recommended it for photo shoots. It was definitely a sight to see and i am thinking about doing a fun shoot of my Moddame Collection here just for the heck of it. 

Do you remember making these back in elementary school? I didn't have anyone to give it to then. 

But i did today. A real man can wear this with swag.

A huge thank you to my buddy Alex, for shooting these photos of me. I'm a hard one to capture decently in photos!  

This was my favorite of the day! Alex, you're the best :) 

So, I did find some high waist shorts for . They'll be posted tomorrow night on the site for sale. Don't forget that it's only $3 USA shipping. I do ship international too.
One available. Great Conditioned Vintage cut-offs / size: 25-26 (size 00 & 0) 
Color: Washed out Olive
Price: $20 - final sale on vintage items. 

One available. Great conditioned Vintage cut-offs / size: 24-25 (size 00) 
Color: Ivory Dip-dyed Tan
Price: $20 - final sale on vintage items. 

One available. New without tags and comes with red belt / size: 25-26 (size 00 & 0) 
Color: Faux suede camel 
Price: $25 

More new arrivals later this week at

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