Friday, February 10, 2012


Trending = SCARF PRINTED PIECES. This one from TopShop!

From dresses, to tops and bottoms. There's some scarf prints that will never be trendy, but off the runways these days, are beautiful designs. You should be able to find a lot of knock offs soon. The only way for me to afford gorgeous prints are to find them at second-hand stores and vintage stores. I recently was able to pick up a gorgeous leopard scarf printed blouse. I will post it up for sale on later this week. I already own many scarf printed tops from all my years of vintage shopping. I'll do a post of how to pull off some of these pieces later this week.

For now, take a look at these gorgeous scarf printed pieces, a huge trend right now!

Here's some of S/S D&G 2012:

For the next two weeks, ill be working on a couple of couture pieces for a photoshoot for the Springtini event in Fresno, California. I'll show the final results after the show.

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  1. I love prints like these :) Reminds me of Versace and KTZ stuff that I really wanted :(