Friday, October 5, 2012

Layers and Layers

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Layers and Layers
For years now, the biggest fashion trend is: layering. Wear a summer tank with a winter scarf and a fall sweater, and maybe a rain coat if the weather turns that way. Still, some of you wonder: "how do you layer, and yet still be fashionable?" Well, in this blog, i want to show you how i layered my new arrivals from day wear to night wear, to dates and outings, and to look fashionable while doing it. I, as you know, do not go out and buy all the trends. I'm actually very picky when it comes to what i buy. With that in mind, i have to make sure what i buy, can still be fashionable with what i already own. Let's take a look! 

It's $25 on my site now! Here's my looks from day to night to date! 

 Running errands or going to school? Casual work day?

Going out at night? Maybe for dinner or a movie date? 

 And maybe he's worth dressing up for? Perfect for a classy, yet sexy look.

Here's another simple knit top. I love knits because they're comfy and easy to wear with anything. What i love most about this one is the bell shaped sleeves. You know this is a big trend right? Yes it is, and here's a couple of ideas on styling for your day wear and night wear. This top is $18 on my site now!

 For school or casual work, or for days when you want to be lazy and fashionable. Pair it up with a soft vest, or a sleeveless layering piece. You can't go wrong with denim for this top.

 Night time, you wouldn't imagine that this top could me so seductive. Oh yes, the sleeves create a very classy yet fun play with this shirt. I wore it with a shiny textured pleather skirt and threw on some sexy nude heels. A simple small and thin stringed purse, is perfect for this outfit. The shirt itself is loose so wearing a small purse will help keep the excess bagginess on top, stay clean looking. Don't forget, nude pumps help elongate your legs! Get some if you haven't already!

See more styling ideas at my site:!

Oh, and by the way, i did my first photo shoot with EgoVape this week! This was the first time i've ever been shot for a product. It was nerve wrecking but a fun experience. Check them out at: Flavored electronic cigarettes! Here's a couple of shots from the shoot.

Some behind the scenes shot by my gorgeous girlfriend Joanna!


Again, thank you all for coming by my blog. IF you didn't know yet, i started video blogging! Since i'm usually a busy bee from shopping for my site, photo shooting and styling for my site, club promoting, and designing, and enjoying the days with my friends, i decided to film my weekends in LA. From doing nothing in bed, to out and about on an adventurous day, come see what it's all about. It's the life of a simple person, but who is to say that simple doesn't include: adventures, love, life, friends, and the thought: YOLO. See the first video below. More is on the way! Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

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