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 This past weekend, my sisters came down for a visit. We've been shopping and gathering ideas for her wedding coming up in May. Yes, May already and we're still just looking around! I will be in charge of designing the bridesmaid's flower belt. I'll show some of them when i actually start working on them. I'll be buying artificial flowers this weekend to start. I picked up these pretty vines this past weekend.

So, shoes and shoes it is! I wanted to show you guys some of the shoes that are out for Spring and under $30! The Santee Alley is always up to date on cheap shoes and mass trend. There's probably more people there than at the malls. Firstly, loafers are the biggest flat shoe trend right now. They're coming in all colors and prints and by all sorts of designers. These spring colors are a great addition to Spring up any of your outfits!

These platforms are the newest additions to the shoe world. Yes, we've worn something similar back in middle school LOL. It's just funny how fashion just comes around and around like the circle of life! Now, that's another story. Anyways, back to shoes! If you want the newest trending shoes, try these out in gorgeous Spring colors. I'm super short and like shoes that elongate my legs, so i'm alittle worried to jump into these. But, I think i'm going to get one on my next visit. They're just really cute!

Look at these fun tribal printed platforms. These are so cute for Spring and i love the colors you can find them in these days.

Here's another tribal, south western print that poppin' in fashion. These are really cute if you like sexy and trendy together in one! I'm avoiding the skinny heel so they're not my favorite, but i do like the print. BTW, as you can tell, PLATFORMS EVERYWHERE! Get used to it ladies!

Florals and florals all over in all sorts of big and small prints. These were really cute and in a platform mary jane style. 

 Another reason why i love shopping in LA, $1.00 lashes that i don't really take care of after i use them!

And, when i say i'm really short on cash these days, i really mean it. I was so proud of myself to only bring home one pair of shoes: these super cute braided flats. Michael and i got the same pair! 

Hey! Can't go wrong with more glasses! And these are adorable on!

The ladies prep for the nights!

Joan, my two sisters Michael & Diana and I getting ready for Busby's on Friday night! It was really fun! Again, hitting up Busby in an all-out sexy bling bling dress is a no-no! Busby's is a bar with a huge dance floor. Just look sexy in something slim fitting! I'm wearing a tank dress from h&m and my nude platforms.

Now, for Saturdays at Belasco, you can go bling bling!! It was Mardi-Gra's night and i was telling my sisters that we should get a mask! LOL, the last time i told her to dress up for this club's event, we were one of the only ladies in a bikini for the "beach theme". She was going to kill me! So, this time, we just played it up with some bright colors. I loved it!

Here's a photo at Belasco

My weekends are always busy with family, friends, and life. I feel like i'm always working and never getting enough rest. Yet, when i do nothing, i feel like nothing is getting done. This weekend, i'm totally going to be a lazy couch potato. I'll be shooting some dresses i have for Prom! They'll be up on my site for the season. I'll update you all on that later! Until the next blog, have a great weekend!

Don't forget! New Arrivals up on the site !

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