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Planning to visit Los Angeles? You can always hit all the tourist spots, such as Hollywood blvd or take the tour bus to see the homes of the stars. Even i have yet to do all of that. I would prefer to stay with a local and enjoy some of the every day life and weekend enjoyments! It seems like the only times i really do enjoy Los Angeles and it's surround cities is when someone from out of town actually visits. This blog is about the adventures with my cousin Eazy who visitsed from Virginia. I showed her my Koreatown favorites. We had a great time!

 The first dinner i will introduce anyone to when visiting Los Angeles, is Korean BBQ. I am a huge fan and can't get enough. I always hit up SanYa on Olympic and Fedora in Koreatown. They've got a $9.99 All You Can Eat Special. Check them out when you're in town!

And if you're still hungry, which i doubt you will be, come try KONY Pizza on Western and 3rd. Stands for King of New York Pizzeria. They've got NY style flat baked pizza in all sorts of yummy toppings. Nothing like your Pizza Huts! There are no boys to check out at this place, LOL but if you do want to see some hot Korean waiters, check out Mr. Pizza on Wilshire. If you're into the pizza and not the boys, go to KONY! My buddy works there so we stopped by to say hello. It's a small little spot, worth checking out!

In the same corner as Kony, there sits a Thai Bar called Hae Ha Heng. Dark lighting, comfy seats, and out door seatings available. Though loud, the live band is usually amazing and they sing only Thai songs. I have no idea what they're saying but who cares. There's yummy food, a variety of beers to choose from, and just a nice little spot to lounge. Seating is limited as this place gets packed on weekends! We had a stop here to try out their Drunken Tiger Noodles?? I would say that i enjoyed the live band more than the food. Alex thinks otherwise.
Check out a short clip i took of the musicians below. I've got to find out where i can get a cd!

The next morning, we had no time to waste. Did a little shopping for my site! Fashion District is the perfect and cheapest place to shop here in Los Angeles. If you shop "in" the Santee Alley, prices can range from $10 and up. Cute shoes are $15 and up! If you shop the side streets of Santee Alley, such as Maple and Los Angeles, you'll be able to find things just a little cheaper than that. The Fabric "Garment" District is just a block away. This is where i buy all my fabrics and trims for my designs. And another block down will be the Flower District. If i had the time, i'd love to stop by this area every week, to pick a fresh array of flowers for the apt! These new arrivals will be up later this week:

Another very popular thing to do in Koreatown, is to lounge around at a cafe. There's a Korean cafe on almost every block in most parts of Koreatown. I go broke when i hang out with Koreans too much LOL. It's a great time to just meet up with friends and talk about life over coffee and yummy pastries. By the way, Korean pastries are delicious if you have a sweet tooth like me! My favorites are cream stuffed or the almond baked croussants. The most popular pastry spots are Wien Bakeries and Cake House. They may not be the most fun places to lounge with people our age, but they've got the best sweets. We stopped by a Wien. The weather was gorgeous.
** I'm wearing my secondhand oversized houndstooth blouse, f21 horse printed blazer, and Bar 111 hat from Macy's. Eazy also took some photos for my lookbook in this outfit. I'll have those up on the next blog.

Later for dinner, we waited for over an hour for The Boiling Crab. It's around the corner from my apt in Koreatown. This location just opened a year ago and is the talk of the town! Super yummy and spicy. I always go for the XXX the whole-Shabang! It means the spicest flavorings they offer. I totally forgot to add a yummy corn into our order of Shrimps. Sorry Eazy! Cajun fries will keep you occupied until your food is served. Anything from clams to lobster is available. Price starts at $8.99 a pound for shrimps and everything else is a tad more but nothing you cannot afford.

Since we had to wait, right next to the Boiling Crab was a Korean cafe. We got a popular Korean Bean Ice Shaving desert. I forgot what they actually call this thing but it's really good! It's made of scooped ice creams, shaved ice, and red beans, or some kind of beans LOL. You can choose fruit toppings or other items, depending on the cafe.

After dinner, i wouldn't reccommend anything other than hitting up a club! It was a Saturday night. We're still young, wild, and free. The clubs here are big, full of people you'll never see again, and many times with great dj's. For 18+, we were stuck with only one club "Level 3". Sadly this is where we went tonight hehe.. Eazy is almost of age, almost! It was still fun with djs from 102.7 here in Los Angeles. There were some rap performers too but i can't seem to remember who was singing that night! There's a variety of people, no actual Asian night for 18+. This club played more hip hop and a little trance. In 7" platforms, i stand no chance in Trance! The club is on Hollywood and Highland in an outdoor shopping mall. If you want to see the city lights, come early and walk the boulevard.
*** I'm wearing a $9.99 bodycon knit dress from F21! Exact knock off of American Apparel i'm sure.

More club recommendations: I recommend Avalon on Friday and Saturday nights if you want some Dance Music. It's full trance on Satudays. It's a mixed crowd. For the newest and hottest Trance club, usually full of Asians, hit up Exchange LA Venue in downtown LA, hosted by 2am. You do know who 2am is right? Well, that's the spot if you want to jump up and down all night. It's always packed from what i heard. On my clubbing Saturdays, i do the Belasco Venue, also in downtown LA. It's Asian Night. This club is in a gorgeous old theatre with three floors and plays hip hop, club, and trance. Also, there's The Velvet Room "VR" the only Korean Club still around. If you don't go with Koreans, you will probably get bad service, no joke. Everyone is Korean, maybe one or two may not be. Tables are very expensive and they do "booking." That's another story. I would stick with the other clubs. I do very much enjoy this club though! Last but not least, is Busby's in Koreatown. Perfect for Friday and Saturday clubbing in a very social bar atmosphere with pool tables. There's a room for pool and games, a bar room to lounge, and a big dance floor. I love this local place and the guys are usually never cheap to buy drinks. I'll also note to the ladies, dress HOT! That will be your free entrance ticket in and many times, the bartenders will hook up the drinks too! Must be 21+! I will usually do Busby's Friday nights in a two piece or more kick back outfit and then do Belasco in a sexy mini dress on Saturday! Majority of the crowd are Asians. Good looking ones too!

I know, this is a forever long blog! Let's make the rest a lot shorter.
Let's go eat on Sunday! Again, living in Koreatown and loving Korean food, we ended up at another Korean spot to enjoy bibimbop? I must have spelt that wrong forsure. This is one of the most well-known dishes and is also served on the Korean Air lines LOL. There's Korean restuarants at almost every corner! Pick one and good luck! Or go safe and try Tofu House on Western. This will keep majority of you happy.

And off we were to the beaches at the Santa Monica Pier and 3rd street Promenade. One of the best places to stop by when you visit Los Angeles. Full outdoor and indoor mall, fashionable people, weird people, entertainers, and the beach of course!

This is Naia Kete performing. She was amazing live so i decided to youtube her and realized that she was on The Voice, Season 2.

Check her out at this link when she sang on The Voice.

Santa Monica Beach

And New Arrivals finally up on my site later tonight! More to come later this week! Sorry for the forever long blog. Hope you enjoyed it though!

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  1. Love your finds and thanks for sharing these awesome pictures! You are so lucky to be in such closer perimeters of those districts :)