Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I was fortunate enough to find the time to participate in an editorial shoot for the March issue of His&Her Magazine in Fresno, California. A big thank you to Ruthie Inocencio, the Stylist for the magazine. I met some amazing and talented people. We shot in one of the most beautiful and enchanted homes i've ever seen in real life! Let's relive the event:

Friday night before the shoot on Saturday: Yes, i am a procastinator, but my ideas usually come to me when i'm creating a design by hand and fabric.
And the magic begins!
 I know, i've never been the best sketcher! When i look back at my sketches i kept as a child, omg.. they're horrible!

The day of the shoot. I would recommend any day that you're going to be running around: wear a tee, a hat for the messy hair and sun, a sweater or jacket to easily remove, comfy cargos or jeans, and i wore my platforms, but brought along flats just in case. This super cute tee is from f21. I've been a fan of wolves my entire life. I'm glad they're trending now so it's cheaper to afford these graphic tees. Fedora is from Bar 111 at Macy's, secondhand leather trench, and f21 cargos. And yes, i did gain a couple of pounds. I'll be on a diet this week!

 David, the director in blue, Adam, one of owners of the beautiful home we shot at, and the chics are David's assistants.

 Some of our models for the day: Buz, i forgot the middle model's name, and Kristina in red.

 Ruthie's accessory table

 Here i am with Ruthie, the Stylist for the Magazine.

Kristina my model in red with the amazing hair designs done by the ladies of Jia Salon and Spa,
Also here is Makeup Artist: Juan

Kristina with Tim, one of the owners of this beautiful home. Tim has a passion for garden designing and architect. See the photos below! Lets just say that walking into his yard, was like walking into an enchanted scenary from a movie. The photos below could never really show how beautiful the place was.
Dress 1: The look was Rapuzel. Since i did just watch Disney's Tangled when i was informed of this shoot. The concept was to bring a couture fairytale to life.
Model: Carly
 She was the perfect Rapunzel!

Dress 2: The Evil Queen Look - Model: Kristina
I made this dress when i was still attending FIDM a couple of years ago. It was for the Pink Ribbon Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Dinner that year. The objective was to create a dress to showcase at the event in any shades of reds and pinks. The Fashion Director at the time thought it was horrible, and would not feature it. I always thought it was unique and loved the red, orange, and brown combination. Being able to feature it in this shoot was worth all the drama in that class!

 Kristina and I.
And Tim carrying my chubbiness!

Kristina with a model in Bai Vang's dress that was also featured in the shoot.

Kristina in my red dress with Carly in Pa Kou Xiong's dress
Pa Kou Xiong with Carly in one of her beautiful dresses.

Pang Sophie, Pa Kou, and I

I also met Nicole, the designer of Royal Rabbit. Carly is in tank from her collection.

More photos of some professional shots i did of my dresses, will be posted after the magazine release. The dresses will also be featured at the Springtini event, held in Fresno this April 2012. For more details on models, hair stylists, designers, and Makeup Artist, please feel free to email me! Find me also at www.facebook.com/moddame.

Shop the site at: http://www.moddame.com/ New Arrivals will be posted this week! Sorry for the delay!

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