Thursday, March 22, 2012


The one thing that made clothing so attractive to me, were prints. To find the most beautiful, unique, and inexpensive prints, i had to shop secondhand stores. I was fortunate that my oldest sister introduced secondhand stores to me when I was in elementary school. We were wearing bell bottoms again after the 70's then. And I never even knew the word "fashion" existed as a child. I lived in Fresno, so you would understand why i knew nothing of this field. Even growing up, I didn't know that fashion even had an industry until I was in my senior year of high school. I remember that day clearly as I was walking to class and some chick said to me "I always see you around school and you've got great style." From that day on, I really started thinking to myself "Hey, maybe there's a future in this field." I went on into college for a business degree, to some day own my own clothing store. What I realized that I wanted more than owning my own business, was making my own unique clothes, and dressing differently from the rest. I've been out of high school for a long time, haven't gone far enough in the fashion industry, but still walking every day of life, with eyes wide open, and a dream i must make reality.

Anyways, this week's outfit is based on print mixin'. My cousin Eazy took the photos when she last visited. I love to play with colors and prints. Houndstooth prints will never go out of style, so find your favorite piece and keep it forever. Also, animal prints will never go out of style. This one is from the new horse trend that has been going on since last year. Again, the one thing i love about trends is that they get cheaper to purchase since everyone is carrying them. The one thing i hate about them, is that if it was your favorite style to wear, now everyone is going to look just like you! That's when you gotta step up the plate and find a new favorite! It's sad but i've donated many favorite pieces because i just didn't want to see my twin. Rings are my favorite from h&m. Platforms are from a boutique at Santee Alley! Love them!


I finally started my new collection of leather strapped chokers to be worn with collar shirts. They're unisex and made to order. $20.00 each and you get one design of the vintage dominos shown in the photo. These will be up on my site later this week for ordering and more details!

New arrivals will be up this weekend. Don't forget my $3.00 shipping on all USA orders!

Lastly, if you're on, come hype me: and thanks for the support!

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