Monday, March 26, 2012

+theSTANDARD Pool Party

There's always things to do in the areas of  LA, from shopping, to beaches, to bars and pool parties. During the Summer, The Standard in downtown is known for their fun get togethers with local djs and people who just want some fun in the sun. Plus, a great view of downtown. Headed out with some close friends to enjoy our Saturday.

This is AJ and Ashley's pad. They have huge windows with a nice view. My outfit was weirded out with a winter jacket, a fedora, and athelete shorts. It was a pool party and these shorts were so cute so i decided to wear them oddly, with the rest of my outfit. Hey, if i can pull it off, so can you! I wasn't going to bring my jacket but it was chilly outside. A big thank you to Ashley and AJ for many of the photo shots below! Here I am with Jeremy and Ashley.

Jeremy, Ashley, and AJ.

And the views of The Standard Roof Top

My favorite drink: Adios

Some fashion trends in LA: the indie/boho look, lace, black, and high low pieces.

Shoes, socks & shoes, and more shoes.

This would be a no-no outfit. She looked like she was going to a rave party or something.

I just met Steph here. I loved her big and bold color printed cardigan. The thing i love about LA is that most people are fun and easy going. I meet new people every time i head out some where. It's all about connections in LA.

Dj Eddie Vela
Just chillin'

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