Saturday, September 10, 2011


To start off: New Arrivals @

Flutter Hobo Blouse $19.00

Coyote Howl Earring $6.00

Fringe Navi Top $15.00

Cheetah Gaze Vest $15.00

Navi High Low Tank $13.00

Sheer Cut Out Blouse $22.00

Blossom Mini Skirt $19.00

Leaf Tea Top $15.00 (also in orange)

Navi Poncho Lace Blouse $19.00

PU Leather Reptile Clutch $24.00

Introducing false eye lashes! Available @ $7.00 for 10 pairs of false eye lashes! $1.00 shipping! Selling 10 pairs of the same style for $7.00, no half packs. These are not real hair, made of fiber. See all the available styles on my site! Feathers are $3.00 plus $1.00 shipping!

Now time to blog! My sister came down to spend Labor Day weekend with me. Of course that means shopping time, sister <3 time, and really party time! Our first night out was to Busby's in Korea Town. I love that place! The bartender usually gives free drinks to the ladies :) I am wearing one of the new printed mini skirts i bought for! I think i only have a medium left on the site for sale @ $20. Super cute! I've been favoring my mustard pumps recently. They easy to dance in and have a small platform for the added height. I'm a huge dancer so i need comfy shoes to booty grind or pump it up to trance. You've seen my shoe pyramid before! I did a little more damage this week, added about 10 new pairs! You'll see as they pop up on my future blogs! 
Here's my sister Michael and I.

This is our second night out to Belasco, a downtown hot spot for Saturday Asian Nights. We were wearing bikini like tops for this event, since that was the theme of the night. We happened to be part of the very little group of girls wearing them! There was a $500 bikini contest that i forgot to join.. boo! 

Again, flaunting this mini and my all time favorite vintage crochet top! It's time to retire it this year, as it partially ripped at the vegas pool party last month :(

We also attended Supper Club on Sunday night for Labor Day weekend but couldn't snap any photos. We did get some photos taken of us at the event. Hopefully i can find those photos and post them later.

 Monday (Labor Day) was a rest day! We decided to hit up Little Tokyo for their yummy dishes and cute boutiques. I was on a spending budget! Our first stop with a wait of about 2 hours, was Daikokuya! Famous for their pork flavored ramen. It was worth the wait as i've heard many times how yummy it was. There's always a line so prep yourself :( Sorry for the messy ramen photos. We dug in before i remembered to snap a photo! Definitely try this place out if you like ramen, and it's not Naruto's ramen, it's probably yummier than that! 

For desert, Pink Berry! My favorite frozen yogurt place was Cefiore, but their Little Tokyo location closed down some time ago. Pink berry is still very yummy.
I think Michael came out adorable in these photos. We're getting older but our spirits are still so young.
It's interesting how were sitting across from each other and the lighting is totally different. Michael was the one who first took my amateur modeling photos when i was 18.

Little Tokyo has about 5 to 8 boutiques, an American Apparel, and quite a few eating spots. Good for dates, or just some hang out time. Some diners have live bands at night!  We did stop by American Apparel but didnt buy anything. Here's a photo of my favorite piece from there @ $54.00. I'll probably grab one soon! Wish i had a booty like hers to put in this dress LOL!

So, i really like Kimski Makes. They have vintage pieces that i love and fashion at prices most of us can afford. Their buyer does a great job at the two. I usually pick up at least one piece from this place, every time i drop by. It doesn't kill my wallet!

Pop Killer is another spot i like to hit up! They have fun things like cute earrings, leggings, vintage pieces, and unique items. You should definitely check it out if you want something that not many others will have! 

So from shopping this past weekend, i did splurge a little! Here's my favorite pieces i picked up! By the way, Nine West is having a 75% off many cute shoes! Go check it out @ the Beverly center if your in town!  Sandals are from Nine West, Leopard cropped top from Kimski, and cute oriental wood earrings from Pop Killer! 

And Michael had picked out these cute bow necklaces.

Tomorrow, i will be attending the Fashion Show "Junction". Will bring the camera and blog! See you later this week.

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