Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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A productive Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles, we attended the LA Generation's Junction Fashion Show, hosted by "Hollywood Fashion Show." LA Genereation was a view into the Japanese fashion of Los Angeles. Japan has always had a huge impact on fashion throughout the world. It was a great opportunity to see the Japanese fashion goers of the event, including a fun runway of Japanese Boutiques in Southern California.

The outfit for the day--> Kimski's cheetah crop blouse - h&m black blouse - vintage cut-off shorts, leather gloves, belt, dooney bag - platforms  from a little boutique! Don't forget to find more of my fashion picks from my website http://www.moddame.com/

Arthur Trujillo's outfit (see his blog here: trujillofashion.tumblr.com)

First on the runway was a cute shop called Shabon. The shop featured unique vintage pieces. The stylist did an amazing job on merchandising all the lines. I loved this collection because it was intricate in laces and flowing with gorgeous vintage pieces. I apologize for the horrible video! I could'nt fix the focal before the show started. 

Next run was with a shop called Imonnie. I also loved this collection of unique vintage pieces, feathers, boots, the hair-dos, Kimono like blouses, etc. 

I forgot the name of this boutique, but it reminded me alot of Versace.

Also showing was a boutique called Mookie and a boutique called AsIs. Videos will be uploaded later.
Oscar Olima had a couple of pieces that showed on the runway as well. His past works included: Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" & Concert Costume and other celebrity works.

What i am listening to now: Maroon 5 - Moves like Jaggard

The fashion goers of the event:
Arthur and one of the wardrobe stylist of the night, Justin
Dorik, a aspiring designer.
Mia, a cute fashionista
Aiko and I

Detailed shots:
Aiko with the head make up, Shauna.
The Jeffrey Campbell's i am investing in :)
Arthur with Taka, the producer of night.
DJ Heavygrinder was spinning the after party.

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  1. what a great blog you have here... your outfit in those first images is super cute... you look really great. thanks for following my blog so i could find yours!

    Adèle ♥