Friday, September 9, 2011


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Now, let's get to blogging! So, it's been a crazy week for me. The apartment is a mess with a bunch of new goodies that i am prepping for sale on Saturday @ As well as the shopping i did this past weekend with my sister. That blog comes out this weekend! I've just been so busy with work and so forth. 

The adventures begin with my bestie Arthur Trujillo and I @ Groundfloor Gallery in downtown LA. It was Bunkerhill Magazine's September Issue Release Party. I definitely did a lot of net working and met some amazing people.
Photo taken by my friend Francis Bonacic.

The new issue of Bunkerhill's Magazine - The Magazine for Downtown Los Angeles

The gallery featured Hacer: The Fold & Groundfloor Cafe. Photo below shows some of the artwork and the celebrity chef, Emmanuel Delcour of Groudfloor Cafe. 

"Where Coffee Meets Art" - Emmanuel Delcour's phrase for this cute, hip, cafe lounge! There's always art showcasing, yummy coffee and sandwiches to choose from 8am to 8pm, every day of the week.  The GroundFloor Cafe offers traditional French pastries, cheeses, Moroccan-style fresh mint teas and the delicious, Lavazza Italian coffee. When you're in LA and you want to hit up a nice cafe and a scene of art & downtown, this is the place to go. A plus if the hot chef is there ;)

The cafe has a cute little place to sit, fashionably!

Some shots from the event:

Emmanuel with Groundfloor Gallery owner, Toni Adzar, and designer Shpetim.

An amazing artist Mika with Emmanuel. One of her art designs in back.

And she's got the same design tattooed to her chest, i love it!

 And what does that say on the bus? Gotham?? Are they filming Batman in downtown LA? I bet!!!

Arthur Trujillo's outfit for the night:

 My outfit for the night. h&m rules my closet! Find my cute fashion picks at:

"The shape at hand offers basic folds, limitless possibilities. Sleek, angular and pointed, it doesn't reference the familiar. Rather, it showcases the primary elements of Origami, the art and craft of Japanese paper folding."

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