Friday, August 26, 2011


Gone for a week of fun in vegas, including work at Magic, the fashion trade show. Missed my flight on Friday night from LA to Las Vegas and all flights were booked until the afternoon on Saturday! I got lucky to find a flight out early morning from Long Beach to Salt Lake City, then to Las Vegas, making my trip a 5 1/2 hour one! Anyways, it was definitely worth it! With 20 girls and amazing party buses every night, viva Las Vegas!

The Ladies

Me with my gorgeous sisters and friend

My Sister Diana and friend Shila.

My sister Michael.

And I before heading out to Marque Pool Party with Markus Schulz, totally forgot that in Vegas, you bring the heels!

A night of clubbing at XS, in my favorite mini dress from h&m.

So, let's get to work on Monday at Magic, the fashion trade show in Las Vegas! Happens twice a year, i dread working the booth :P but it's a good experience! Here's our booth below. I do most of the merchandising and display.

It was a busy show this time around and i couldn't pull out the camera too much. Here's just a couple of photos i got. Basically i'll let you know what the biggest street trends were with just these few photos below.

There were a variety of the sheer skirt, mostly in solids. Everyone wore them adorably. 

 Platforms in all sorts and styles were the biggest fetish for me! I couldn't take my eyes off them! Here's one that i just loved and any fashionista can pull off! 

 This photo may not show it, but the Japanese chics still had the most head turning styles throughout the show.

Everyone, well many ladies had frindged bags of all sorts and sizes, i had mines too *wink*. Again, maxi skirts of all sorts, sheer maxi's, high low cut tops, boho, big hats, platforms. Navajo, Indian trends were everywhere and will carry on throughout 2012. If you were wearing these, then you looked like most of the chics there. Still very trendy.

I love this look, but for my own personal style, i still love my mini's, leather, fitted skinnies, and boyish blazers and loose fit tees. I like to add some of the trends to my personal style and never go all the way with the trends. It's fine that you do but if i did, i wouldn't know what to do with all the clothes, once they go out of style! No photos of me this time at the show :(  I wanted to added a couple of photos below. 

Here's my flight to heaven photo, just amazing. I was afloat a sea of clouds. 

Here's a snap of me prepping a photo shoot for my work place. So much work!

Here's our model for the day Anne and our photographer Francis. You can see some of his work here:

Sorry, had to keep the photos blurred since i am showing photos of the new line.

I put together a little earring and we decided to snap a photo of it and here's how it came out. LOL a unique photo but the focus point was my hat instead!

Here i am with the model. I am so short! and gained 5 pounds ugh! Diet time!!

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