Sunday, August 28, 2011


***NEW ARRIVALS @ full of feathers and Navajo prints! 
Top Navajo top $15  Bottom photo of the Indie Sun Poncho $19 @
Feather Tie Top $17 @
Deep Navi Mini skirt $20 @
Pleated Ray Top $16 @

These were just some of the new pieces i picked up today. See all of them at I love these shopping days because it's time to fill up my own closet! I'd enjoy it more if i didnt have to wake up at 7:30 am on a Saturday ugh! I don't know what is up with the weather these days! It's so hot! I guess summer has finally hit LA. 

My lazy day outfit in 90 degree weather and yes! i've gained a couple of pounds :( definitely time to eat the salads and no more late night dinners! I am in a second hand stripe shirt, cut off h&m tank, F21 high waist shorts, vintage peep heels, and my new turtle purse (a splurged that was definitely worth it)! **Also, sorry for the bad photography of me, i had a bad photographer. 

I honestly spent over an hour deciding on a lighter color shell or this old looking one! It's crazy how you can really see yourself in what you wear and buy. If i bought the lighter shell, it was a very pretty and creamy color. I could see the owner as a chic in heels and smiling really nicely. Or if i picked this one, i could see a rugged chic who is more vintage and raw, that's me! The leather is deer skin.

For dinner, The Boiling Crab! Super yummy and cheap! This location is smacked in the center of Korea town, walking distance to my apt! They're known for their yummy spicy red sauce that goes on top of all their seafood. You can choose from mild to very spicy. I do the spicy of course. And the shrimp is my all time favorite. 

I had bought some pieces and put together this cute earring a couple of weeks ago. Had many compliments on it so i've decided to make one more to sell. Let me know if you'd like to purchase it. $6.00 for one side only. That's all that's available because i'll own the other one! One of a kind design! Don't miss out.

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