Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We actually attended this last week, but i've been swamped with work, prepping for Magic, Las Vegas and the website www.moddame.com! The FREE SHIPPING just ended yesterday! It was a success! Thank you to everyone who ordered! I'll continue to get new items up in a couple of weeks! Here's some new arrivals below. Order at: http://www.moddame.com/!

So, let's get to blogging!

Arthur Trujillo and I attended one of the RAW fashion shows, featuring artists, musicians, and designers. This event was held at the Elevate Lounge, downtown LA. Here's what we wore:

Arthur in some of his newest jewelry! i Love them!! 

I'm wearing: vintage tuxedo jacket, secondhand blouse, a&f leather hot pants, old f21 paperboy cap

And some dancing for the night :)

A video clip of the fashion show:

Some shots of the night:

Aaron @ youngandsick.com

Allison Kunath Designs  @ www.allisonkunath.com

I' stopped by my work's showroom at the New Mart downtown during last week's fashion market. Wow, was it slow! Something is totally going wrong with the economy and customers. It was a sad show. I hope Magic, Las Vegas next week is a better success! Don't worry, i'll photo the fashionistas there!

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