Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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This blog is about my favorite piece right now, this amazing leopard skirt! Stretchy and comfy, sexy, yet classy! Leopard will always add a little cougar in all outfits! For a night out to a bar/lounge, this is how i wore it! Don't forget to get yours at

If i was going to dinner, i'd wear it this way:

Change the bra/bikini top to a collar shirt. Adds sophistication and class! Definitely wouldn't want some gramps eyeing me ;)

It all depends on how you wear it and to where? I checked out a couple of different spots this night. It was Alex's cousin Irene's birthday. Super sweet girl and fashionista friends. Sorry i couldn't bring my camera in. Couldn't risk a drunk spilling beer on it! We headed out a bar called Libertine on Sunset.

Really, $30 all you can drink till 2am is a pretty good deal! Of course the bar was full of drunk people, rock/electro/trance, live drummer, dj, probably a couple of musicians, and an age rage of 25-35 i would say. So, i fit right in! Gosh i definitely felt old LOL and was not feeling the crowd :P but if you want to drink for cheap and be drunk, this is the spot. It actually felt like a college house party! If you miss those days of your life, definitely check out Libertine on Sunset.

Afterwards, we went to Tinga Tinga Karoke in Korea Town. There's so many karoke places down south. I never knew so many Koreans lived here until i moved here! It was a fun night :) 

Off subject, I started cleaning my apt and i noticed how many shoes i had:

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