Saturday, July 30, 2011


My camera has been broken for a month, delaying me in my blogs of my personal styling. So, i am sharing the Resort 2012 Collection of my favorite designer at the moment: Balman. He's edgy yet classy, sexy yet conserved. Almost all A-List designers are designing edgy clothing now, it's not just for the youngins anymore.

Mini dresses & printed blazers/coats, more basic cuts for tops & bottoms.
 Three pieces are very common on the runways now with one intricate piece, fringe back in trend.
 To play the skirt off to look casual, a basic tee is worn. Gorgeous printed mini dresses.
 Again, gorgeous mini dresses still hot & instyle, full on printed outfit in modern cuts.
 The maxi skirt still a big hit next year and rompers still in style. I love the prints on these pieces.
The use of  very sophisticated prints on mini dresses made it classy instead of trashy. Victorian prints are a huge trend next year. The use of shoulder pads is still noticeable but has decreased from last year's statement. The new way to dress: 3 piece outfits including blouse, bottom, jacket or coat. Dresses are slowly going to be  seen less on the runways. Though for the mass, we're still going to be shopping for hot dresses. I do believe printed mini's will become the next big thing ( it has always been for me). Basic tops and bottoms are part of almost all brands these days. Fashion is just moving forward that way. The thing i love about Balmin's collection is that he still brings amazing pieces that you'd want to spend the $$$ on, and to save money, he is trending the basic tees, basic bottoms, and showing us how to wear a gorgeous show piece with the basics we already own. His line looks classy and follows the trend of sexy cuts, classics, and edge. I'm in Love! 


  1. Cute blog!You have such a unique style!

  2. Omg these are amazing! Love the prints :)


  3. One of my favorite collections ever from Balmain! I really love your style by the way! xoxoxoo

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