Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If you haven't checked out, do so! It's full of unique pieces from the streets of LA and at prices we can actually afford :)

I am lucky to be living in a city that loves Music. I am a huge dancer. I've been dancing since i could remember. Since elementary school i choreographed a dance to Paper Boy's Ditty song. Started east coast dancing (when raving first started hitting the US), to today. Bumpin' and grindin' or dancing to trance, house, electro, it's the only time in my life that i feel free. Music is the rhythm to my life.

 I headed out to see Justin Michael just the other day at Playhouse in Hollywood. It's Monday Night Social. Andy Caldwell was also djing last night. It's Trance if you you're not familiar with these two dj's. Justin happens to be one of my favorites. Some of his music mixes are below. He does a lot of remixes and is amazing live. There's only a few dj's i've seen that really flows to their own flow. It's as if you're right there next to him, moving to every beat, catching every flow, and nodding your head to some great beats! Find him on facebook at:

So, what do you wear to a trance, electro, house club? Well, depends if you're the type to lounge around and sip on a drink and nod your head all night. Maybe wave your hands here and there :) but if that's the case, dress as sexy as you'd like. For me on the other hand, i am a huge dancer! It's hard for me to stay still to music, mostly when Justin is djing. So i couldn't doll up, threw on basics and bangles from H&M and headed on out to dance off my Monday. It was totally worth it, except i had to leave early since i worked Tuesday. So, Justin is touring Europe soon. I hope you guys go see him! Show the <3 and support!

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