Friday, June 10, 2011


i've had a craze for shimmering pieces,i thought it was just me! Too expensive to buy or can't find at all, i took the best route to get what i wanted: thrift shopped & design!

For one of my birthday nights, i was rokin'shims in a thrifty top that has been waiting to be worn for months.

for my birthday dinner, i was rokin'shims in shorts i made. 

and what's amazing is that in June's issue of Marie Claire, rokin'shims is trending! It's always exciting when my fashion is trending and i'm unaware. Below, our black Fumblin' Foe sequin top made it into the mag~ we're already sold out!

Last night was another exciting night at Art Walk. I decided to wear that gold top again just to play it down. In H&M short trench - vintage top - blank jeans - vintage dooney bag - cheap glasses - venice beach feather earring

My fashionista friends always make my time in LA full of laughs and giggles. Alex, again thank you for my photos.

This is actually an amazing picture of Arthur because he was wearing his feather gloves he made. Get it??

 Ashley is always so fashionable, some people on the subway thought she was a supa star~ she is!

 Did you know that Far East Movement performed last night at the Art Walk?

Some adorable shell rings! But way too big for me!

 Some gorgeous stone bracelets.

****so, something happened last night**** a talk with a certain someone who really puts me to my test, let's just say you really get what you ask for. I said that i've made all the right decisions in my life based off of what i thought was right for me. In the end of taking the "right" path, i'm still in the same situation, still searching. So, after contemplating this thought, i've decided to see what's on the other side of the rainbow. Taste the unknown and try the adventure i've told myself i've never be able to. Maybe what i'm doing is impossible, but what do we know when we've already convinced ourselves of what we know and don't know.  Take some time and read my self bio below.

I used to think a cherry tasted so bitter, sunkened in a glass of vodka. At Brass Monkey, after a hard day of moving from my one bedroom apartment (where a life began with someone i thought saw me so special, then left me broken and a 1 year lease to finish off with bills piling on top) to a small, yet very cozy studio, i pondered about how that cherry really tasted, once i bit into it. Does it really taste bitter as it did in my younger years, when i knew it all? The years when it was either yes or no? Does that cherry get sweeter or does it really taste as bitter as it had before. I guess i never really took the time to taste it, i only bit into it and spitted it out. So, at the age of twenty old six, this cherry blossomed into this sweetness that devoured in my mouth, leaving only a smile on my face. I've realised.. why judge the unknown, when the good stuff is not always inside, but could be all around, just good for you. Why think you know what you want, when its what you dont know, that keeps you wondering what you really want. Why stop searching and learning and appreicating life, love, dreams..when you can keep searching and never know what you're really looking for. It took twenty old six, for me to sit down by this big willow tree (aj's empyt apt), to finally see me.
I always jump to conclusions, but now, i want to see the other side of the rainbow. I've got my whole life to make mistakes. I'd rather see now, cry now, fall now, then think back as an old lady, and wonder if that pot of gold, really sat on the other side of the rainbow.
A weirdo stares at us through the window, Arty and Aj keeps looking at him and i'm yelling, "stop looking at him!" (my motherly instincts, thank you mom you're the best). The Denny's waiter comes over and asks if that guy is bothering us. I said no because he's not! We're the ones bothered by him being there. He isn't doing anything except staring at our warm cups of coffee, our delicous banana spilt, and oh yea.. the brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top :) Muchies during the night, if you know what i mean..
i am hard headed, but if you try hard enough, you'll see my soft heart can melt everything including butter.
i jump to conclusions, but if you prove me wrong, i am more than welling to learn what's right.
i love to learn, i love to grow, i love to be around positive energry because i am so negative. But that makes sense because opposites attracts. I know the good and bad of me. And i'm willing to admit to be both, and learn to deal what who i am, make changes or not. I want to learn the art of loving oneself.
i am ambitious, i am crazy, and my mouth is louder than yours. I carry a trait not many are special enough to have: I am very caring. This leads to why my friends and many, have told me about how i make them feel. They say that i make them feel special, like no one else. I always want the best for people i care about. I know this moment isnt going to last, these days, these tears, these fears, these years, they too will pass..(i'm also a rapper inside)! i want to be a part of it. They say i have a big heart and i love others more than myself..i do. I know wherever he leaves me.. i'll find my way. I may look back but i know my future is up ahead. So, come with me and i'll pick you up. Even when your down and you need to borrow money. I don't have much, but i give it all to see a smile on your face. Im not a follower but i believe in my friends. I choose my friends wisely because my heart is so big.. just a crack can leave a wound that will never heal. But someday everythings gonna be alright, just keep holding on. I'll be by your side (Sade).
i think everyone i meet, leaves their footsteps in my path. Many times, i notice i bring them into my story telling.. leaving their passage down my path, a memory we'll never forget. Was it a message? Your rythm, some how flowed with mines. (Music = life) Arty gave me a shirt pin from Arizona.. hehe. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes i take it for granted. Now, i want to take it for a well lession learned.
May i take on my strength, my will to learn, to strive to be more than what life has laid down on this path before me. I sound like im reading from a bible or a rap song im writing, yet i do not go to church. But i feel that there is love from above, guiding me down this road. I want to not walk straight anymore. I want to stop and rest as oftenly as i can. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunsets, feel the breeze and smell someone stinky, with whoever life has to to bring and to enjoy the ride with. It may be happy, interesting, weird, funny, sad, mad, insane, crazy, but im down for it. Like Arty, AJ's, and my crazy nights all over LA baby (i love LA).
I think everything happens for a reason. If you know me well, you'll hear me say that a million times. I believe it and i see it. And i feel it and i know. Why hold these grudges when someday i will forgive. Why be mad or hurt that things happen the way they do. When i know deep inside, everything happend for a reason. Just keep living life with a smile on your face, because this too will pass.. just enjoy it. If you lean on me, enjoy the ride. My car racing days aren't over yet, nor are my day of fun and laughter, sorrow and tears. Do not fear, for i am here. You like that one don't you!
(sorry for all the mistypes, i'm lazy. and sometimes it doesn't flow, but hey! raps songs don't make sense either)

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