Wednesday, June 15, 2011

+pieces of the weekend

A productive weekend **prep time** for Just did some shots for the website this past weekend. Definitely need more editing work. here's some new pieces i picked up:

 Glazin' Tee Top @ $25 one size fits xs-medium

Ripe Stripe Mini Dress @ $25 available in Small and Medium

Cadit High Waist Shorts Black @ $15 fits small (tad lose on me) 

Tuff Ruff Tunic @ $30 

Some fun with Arthur Trujillo's Jewelry- will also be sold exclusively at

Arthur Trujillo in a piece of his collection.

another earring design by Arthur Trujillo http://trujillofashion.tumblr.
Arthur Trujillo's amazing feather gloves. Will be sold exclusively at

So, just working on some business cards. Here's the first and more likely the last. Something about it, i like it ;) Again, sorry for the delay in the site, some technical design work needs to be done and i' m not too talented in that field.. lol. 

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  1. I seriously love all your outfits. I wish I had more fashion friends!!