Monday, June 6, 2011

+prep time

Enough resting and partying, time to get to work. Finally took some shots for the website, but it's still in construction. Sorry for the delay. I'm having some last thoughts on design but hopefully all will finalize soon. Just decided to post up some photos of what will be selling on the site. Some great jewelry designs of Arthur Trujillo will be up on the site too. Keep in mind, majority of the items on the site only has one or two quantity.

banded skirt $15 available pink in photo 1-small & 1-medium

pearl blouse available $25 in white & blue available 1-small in each color / skirt also available in size xs $15.00

fringe and studs vest $15 available in 2-small tan & 1-small black

faux fur navy/black vest $30 1-available fits size xs-medium

textured puff shoulder blouse $17 available in size xs 2 available

unisex knit poncho $25 with 2 available 

wood textured vintage purse $25 only 1 available

vintage reptile shock purse $60 only 1 available

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