Thursday, May 2, 2013

Walking Nude

Quote of the week:
"He's going to have to chase me round and round again, until he can pick up all the broken pieces to mend. But in return, he'll have all of me, and heart unbroken, worn on my sleeve."- moddame
This Week Trending: Cropped Pants
The warmer seasons are alays best for these cropped looks, but don't get me wrong, in winter just wear them with long socks! I love this simple look. Graphic or text tees with boy blazers, your favorite over sized bag and off you go! Great outfit for daily errands, school, and work. I would recommend to try these on before buying, since they all fall differently on us. Some might be best longer or shorter, depending on our height. I would recommend shorter for shorter chics of course. If they're too long, just fold them up a roll or two.
Dress of the week: The Chanel Doll Dress
These adorable pieces came in stock and they sold insanely within the day! I went back to buy more later in the week, to find out they've sold out of red (which was more favorable), and was only able to buy fuchsia. It's still gorgeous because of the rich bold color. It features a slim body con cut and an embellished neck trim. Perfect for an evening from weddings, proms, cocktails, and fancy dinners. Get them here:

In LA and looking for places to party?
Well here's Asian Nights on Friday and Saturday! Make sure to get on the guestlist for Free chicks and discounted dudes 213.935.0755 just msg full names to LOVEN LISA! Also if you want to celebrate, pop some bottles! RSVP with me! Call/text me for more info! 
This Weeks Blog: Walking Nude
It's been trending for years now, and it's not going anywhere, the color: Nude. Even on fair dull skin to dark skin, there's something about this color that brings a calm, clean, and simple look to every outfit. I love this top because it's a simple sleeveless design with the perfect embellishment of bronze trims in the all so trendy cross design. It adds just the right amount of accessories to my outfit without having to wear earrings or a statement necklace. Pairing up my nude jacket with the trendy harem pant, i put together a simple, clean, and very comfortable outfit for work. Also can be worn for any errand day, shopping day, and casual outting. I was feeling very under the weather so forgive my tiredness!

Jacket: H&M $80
Blouse: Love Culture $20
Harem Pant (one size): $17
Pumps: Shiek $20
Reptile Pleather Clutch: $25
Bracelets: $2.50


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Grub Time:
Last Wednesday, craving something asian and healthy, we decided to eat at a shabu shabu place. We ended up at Yoji in downtown LA. There's another shabu shabu place in Little Tokyo but the wait is always forever. Yoji was pretty good i thought, but i haven't had it enough to know what's good nad what's not. Shabu shabu means swift, swift in japanese ( i just found out) since that's what you do with the meat! It's just a boiling pot of water over a stove at you table, and you just take your side veges and meat and swift swift, then dip in your sauces and grub with rice. I've had it a couple of times and thought it was kind of boring. It was different this time and very tasteful, and it was probably because i was with such a hot date ;)

Friday Night: After clubbing Greystone, i had the most expensive dirty dog! $5 OMG and they were just ripping all of us drunkies off LOL. But it was okay, since i didn't buy any drinks inside the club ;) Again, thank you to all the sweet men who always offer drinks to us chics. It means a lot and continues to wow me everytime, that gentlemen still do exist!

Sunday night and craving some Brazillian BBQ, but didnt want to spend $50 a person at M Grill in Korea Town, known for their Brazillian BBQ. We decided to head over to the Farmer's Market at the Grove shopping mall in LA. Well, we didn't make it on time for their little Brazillian BBQ spot there. We did however, decide to be adventures and try out a place called Ulysses Voyage. I think this was Brazillian food too? I forgot LOL, but i must say, I'd stop by again. We got the seafood pasta, you know me, seafood and pasta is always my priority when eating out. The grilled tri-tip was also pretty yummy. With some dipping sauce probably wouldve been best. Don't try this Maracota? dish, they claim tastes like lassagna because it doesn't. We couldnt even eat two bites of it due to some strong scent and taste i can't even describe.
 Yesterday's Wednesday Meal:
I was introduced to this little hole in the wall Italian place called All' Angelo in Korea Town. I must say, it's cheap and super yummy! Plates run $9 and up and 7" pizzas start at $7! I would say my favorite is the seafood linguine pasta and the pizzas. Whatever we ordered, it was surely worth the money. I would just order whatever and try it out since every time i've been there, every dish has been delish!

What I'm dancing to this week:
When life is good and your all smiles, there's nothing like Jason Mraz. I've yet to see him live but it's on my Bucket List!

And, i usually don't share the secret to my smiles and cup of coffee but, he's been so good to me ;) and who doesn't love a man in a collar shirt and tie <3
Party, party, Party~
Only acouple of pictures this week. I can't recall if i took any on Saturday night, since i was all over the place. Friends in town and came pretty late, due to our taxi delay. I really hate the fact that i can't use Korean cabs because im not korean. They'll only serve you if you're Korean because they're under the table workers. Anyways, we're here with the dolls at Greystone last Friday night.

Jenny is in the Wild Mikey Dress that's been sold out! You can still pre-order these on my site here:

I ended up going basic with a simple mini and cropped crochet top. These tops are available on my site in back and turquoise and only $8!
Buy them here:

Saturday Night @ Icon - I love this dress. There's more photos of it coming up! I was hoping to find it in other size and quantity for the site but could only find one. It's gorgeous in a rich red color with side cut outs and in a halter design. Always keep your sexy dresses classy with classy shoes and bracelets. Either simple single strap heels or clean bootie boots in red or nude skin color. I wouldn't recommend black heels unless that's all you have. Red stands out best with red or nude shoes.
Get these bangles in the boutique here:

NewArrival later this week:

 And until next week, enjoy your weekend and live like age doesnt' exist! Don't forget to shop the site of course! And come "LIKE" the fanpage:

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