Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Joe Goes Rock

Quote of the week:
"Every story has an end, but in life, every end is just a new beginning."
This Week: Studded Bracelets
Find them at my shop:! $2.50 each and in adorable colors for all your outfits. You know studs and spikes are everywhere. Now, everyone can wear them from adding them to your watch for day wear, and then adding to bangles for night wear! They're classy with just the right touch of edge.

Dress of the week: Anne Peplum Dress
Peplums are just a huge trend these past years. Remember them in the 80's and early 90's? I sure do ;)
Get this gorgeous, bold, red, and draping dress for only $27!
In LA and looking for places to party? Well here's Asian Nights on Friday and Saturday! Make sure to get on the guestlist for Free chicks and discounted dudes 213.935.0755 just msg full names to LOVEN LISA! Also if you want to celebrate, pop some bottles! RSVP with me! Call/text me for more info!

This Weeks Blog: Joe's gone Rock
The army trend is huge this year, but it doesn't mean it wasn't big any other year or every Summer from what i can remember. The great thing about styles coming into trend is how easy it is to get yor hands on them. I found these f21 cargos like2-3 years ago for $15 i believe. One of my best investments. Being so petite, its hard to find a good fit in bottoms. I pair up my cargos wth everything from boots, sandals, casual tops to basic tees. This outfit plays together because the leopard blouse is in a nude, soft hue, yet still pretty in leopard. The cargos are basic skinnys in army green, and the sweater is a contrasting pleather black and heather grey. Knit fabrication in grey calms down any outfit, giving it a casual outting kind of feel. Tossed on my vintage inspired bag and studded booties i just got in this week! Love these shoes!
Buy the Pleather Sweater at my boutique:
Leopard blouse: F21 $20
Cargo: F21 $15
Bag: Foreign Exchange $35
Booties: (it's a secret) $50
Fedora: Urban Outfitters $24
Sparrows in Love Necklace $9

Stay up to date with all my fashion outfits and new arrivals on facebook:! I'm now also on Instagram under: lovenlisa and moddame! Follow me!
Grub Time:
Last Wednesday night, hung out with a special somebody and grubbed at Lawrys Carvary in DTLA <3
I came to this place some time ago and it's the best prime rib ive ever had. I must say their sides play a big part of it too! And A1 Sauce. Its only $20.00 for an 8oz and $25 for a 12oz. Imagine what you'd be paying if you were at the actual restuarant! Lawry's is known for their delicious steaks and sides. Definitely worth the money.
Thursday Night last week: Ate at Mario's! Now, there's been so much talk about this place that i just had to try it out. I guess, i'm just not a big fan in the end. It was.. umm let's say, something i dont have to eat again? Or maybe try something else. I got the shrimp pasta. I love shrimp, and i love pasta. It just tasted like a past stirfried with shrimp. I would assume the french fries that were stirfried in the next dish is worth coming here again.
Friday Night: Anadaman Thai Food
Now, this restuarant is right next to my apt. It's definitey worth the money and affordable. Plates rum $7.00 and up. We got the red curry which was super yummy. Also ordered chicken larb and dragon noodles. All were delicious and definitely a great and easy spot to eat at, in the middle of Ktown. 
Saturday Night dinner with Der, my gorgeous cousin from Fresno. Now, here we are at Boutega Louie in DTLA. 30 minute wait wasn't bad for dinner. I'm never too happy with their pastas i must say. I got some shrimp pasta again, LOL. Thank God im not a shrimp! Their caprise (idk if i spelt that right) was delish, pizzas are delish, and these portebello fries are amazing. I'll just stick to those three on my next visit.
 After hours in a car and then an hour trying to find parking, okay maybe 30 minutes, but 3rd street promenade is such a pain during the busy weekends! I enjoy the attraction of performers, more than i do shopping there. We were hoping to go to Father's Office to try out some burgers, but the driver was in lalaland and ended up taking us back into Ktown. So with yelp, we found Dino's Burgers and BBQ chicken. Very close to dtla and is a hole in the wall place, it was actually pretty good! Try their chili burger and pastrami. I didn't get that this time, but ive had it before. We ended up trying the chicken plate, which yelpers couldnt stop talking about. It was... okay. LOL, maybe im just hard to please! And a burger is a burger. I am waiting to try a burger that will out beat Shake Shack's!
What I'm dancing to this week:
 I've been listening to Jason Mraz and Pricilla Ahn's Radio channel on Pandora. It's soothing and very passionate, just the way i believe music should be. Plus im partying Fridays and Sat, the week days must be calm and easy going ;)
Trying to quit smoking. This just looks horrible.
Party, party, Party~
 So, Friday night we threw a one time event at Vanguard, Hollywood. This was one of the first clubs i ever went to years ago. It's pretty big inside and with a patio. The night wasn't as great as we'd hope for, but it was still fun and always great seeing fimiliar faces in the crowd. Of course, the sister was in town who just loves to get me drunk. Thank God we had a safe driver.
At Icon Saturday Night
 You know already, i promote Icon every Saturday. People always ask me, do you ever get tired of the party scene? My answer is: No, I just get tired of approaching and talking to random people LOL. I would rather drink and get a nice buzz, nod my head back and forth to the beat, and smile with my friends as we fist pump to the DJ. Now that's what i would call a party. I just call nights at Icon: work. Here's my sister in the Marni Lux Dress $25 on my site: Still available in small and mediums!

At Icon this past Saturday Night and both my dolls Jenny and Der were in the Mikey Mini Dress ♥ Super sexy, body con, and you can never go wrong in black! These are SOLD OUT! But, you can pre-order by emailing:!! S/M/L! Visit the site for other sexy club wear pieces!
Until next week: shop, have fun, eat fat, and live :) And sorry for all the grammar mistakes. Ill fix it when im back home tonight!

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