Monday, January 21, 2013

+Working Days+

Daily Outfits

Working Days: I don't work in a clothing store, or a place where you sit down the whole day. I'm running around looking for samples, trend researching, marketing and sales, etc. I need clothing that i can easily move in, comfy shoes, and even lazy caps for the days i don't want to do my hair. I pile on my watch, maybe some bangles, and usually a nice necklace to chic up my boyish looks.

Knit blazer from my site: , F21 checkered shirt, denim, & necklace, reptile loafer from Target, Diesel watch, thrifted bangles Comfy and perfect for any day and night wear, the Trucker Hat! F21 has them now for only $5.80! Definitely worth the purchase. These are not an find these days!

Here's the jacket i'm wearing. I also had some on my site: but they're sold out now. I have it worn here, layered with a denim vest.

New arrivals will be up later tonight! Make sure to check back!

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