Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 A new year, new goals to pursue, and unfinished ones to fulfill. Sip on some warm coffee at your favorite coffee shop, chow down at that yummy breakfast cafe, have lunches and dinners with your friends, and laugh. Jump in on the fun at a cabin getaway, take a hike down that trail you've been waiting for since summer, and feel the ocean breeze. There's no new year, without feeling like a new you.

Pictures of the ModDame 2013 Fashion Show will be up later this week. The show was on Dec 30th in Fresno, CA. I too, had to take some time to breath, before hoping back into work mode. What to expect this year: more video blogs on life, fashion styling tips, weekly fashion photos, and actual garments and accessories that i will be hand making or producing. A lot is at mind, now it's just time to sit down and make it happen.

CLUB EVENTS IN LA this WEEKEND: 213.935.0755 LOVEN LISA for glist & table service!

CHEAP & TRENDING: Tees, tanks, & must have boots!
Starting off this year, i decided to blog about what i was shopping for. It's crazy but, with a life on the run, i need the most comfortable clothing there is and at the same time, still be a fashionista. I've realized, i need more TEES/TANKS and BOOTS! Outerwear doesn't really go out of style and mini skirts are for sure, going to stay around for a while.You do know that animal prints are day and night wear right? Don't forget, grey is the new black, so stock up on them!
Pick up the Jacket and skirts at my site:

My outfit for the day: Don't forget to follow the instagram: MODDAME
I'm a layering freak and have been for years and years. Never do my vintage scarfs go out of style. H&M cropped trench coat, H&M graphic tee, F21 striped cardigan & jeans, I forgot the maker of my boots.

How do you wear skirts during this season? Leggings! And most importantly, opaque leggings! They usually run about $5.99 and up and can be found almost everywhere like F21, H&M, Etc.
Just bought this and am in love with it. Simple tee in heather grey with pleather touches to give it the perfect edge. Great with jeans! From F21.

TEES: I don't carry many tees at my shop because you can get them at F21 or Love Culture for $10-$15. So heck, i'll supply whatever else. Some of my picks this week:
One of my favorites because it's simple writing, basic cut and easy to layer over. Text is the most popular thing on tees and tanks these days.
You know rock and roll will never go anywhere, so you can plan to keep this for a while.

 As i said earlier in the week, the cross has been a big hit for about 2 years but this year is trending insanely. Great thing about it is that now, it's so easy to find and cheap. Just hope to not run into your twin.
Movie graphics always a fav.

Probably the most infamous flag sign of the world and won't go out of style so stock up.

 The whole rococo trend which i love, due to the era's graphics and antique vintage collages. Helps add color to your plain jeans and jackets. I'm a vintage freak so it's great for me.

BOOTS: And boots, many of you must wonder what color, or what kind can be worn during the day and not look too dressed up? Well, my favorite are neutrals and fav is a camel color for day wear. And dont forget, shoe laces tone down any boot and give it a rugged look. Also, platforms make a huge difference in day and night wear boots. Take a look at some styles i picked out.

Lace, platforms, and in a gorgeous camel color. This boot will definitely achieve a casual look for your daily outfits. 

Love these at this height or taller. 

 These are best for the chicks with skinny legs, due to their open top. Someone with drum stick legs like myself, would rather look shorter and stubby. Still, they're adorable.
 These are the new trending boots, part cowboy inspired and you can find a lot without the fringe. I personally love them and am looking into getting quite a few. They're great for all seasons, so it's a good investment.

 Probably one of my favorites. I just enjoy odd constructed and unique things such as this. This will be an expensive one to buy or find on the market. So, In creating this look, just pile high your knee and thigh high socks over your boots. Looks good and will keep you warm!

 These are the common camel platform that i think is a good investment. They're affordable, trendy, and works great for daywear. Found these for $19.99 online somewhere.

Now put all this together and have a great day!
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