Saturday, April 9, 2011

LA fashion district bound

..awakened to beach wind & sun, the perisher's song i sung, fabric district is where it begun..
 bird & peace necklace $13 @

a stroll of fabric district
fur all year round <3
just can't keep my eyes off these, i need to pick one up!
navajo/indie- huge trend this summer
reptile prints- another huge trend all season long
i love trims- all in the imagination
leather brown converse- my converse days are over but these are a must have!

spent a little too much so micky d's for lunch :)

he's for hire if you need any commercials done!

the way to end a day: photoshoot time!
 h&m trench coat - vintage blouse - abercrombie high waist shorts - downtown hat - f21 glasses - vintage dooney purse - bird & peace necklace:

big tribute to my bestie Arty for helping me out on taking photos, etc.

so, here's what we found and what we're creating for tomorrow's photo shoot.
Come back and check out the outcome. 
i definitely need rest!

***BLOG UPDATE ON 4/10/2011- i've never care to find out what's actually trendy (in-style) because i feel that the individual and their own style is a trend already. we live and wear whatever we want, even if others disagree.. but i feel that it is very important to know what is trendy even if i do not follow it. whenever i do have the time to up look trends, it's crazy how i am still trendy without even knowing it :)
trench coats are a huge trend this spring- for me they never go out of style, wore mines the other day before reading this trend cast.

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