Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"pieces here & there"

 "the modstripe trend meets the vintage edge"

 vintage leather vest & felt hat 
Rainbow Stripe tank $20 available @

"in love with animal prints & fur"
vintage animal printed BOMBER jacket $30 @

***BLOG UPDATE ON 4/8/2011- i've never care to find out what's actually trendy (in-style) because i feel that the individual and their own style is a trend already. we live and wear whatever we want, even if others disagree.. but i feel that it is very important to know what is trendy even if i do not follow it. whenever i do have the time to up look trends, it's crazy how i am still trendy without even knowing it :)

BOMBER jackets are one of the biggest jacket trends this year

"to the sound of birds"

 Cheetah Tank $14 available @
Ribbed Faux Fur Vest $30 available @

"wear these all season long"
adorable fur balls @
i've been obsessed with animal hats for sometime but just too picky to get a cheap one and can't afford the ones i really want. so, this winter i'll design some of my own <3 visit again!


  1. I love your blog!!
    And your style is nice!!
    kisses from SPain!

  2. Me encanta tu blog!!! me gusta mucho tu estilo, aquí tienes una seguidora más, yo también estoy empezando, si quieres pasarte por mi blog es

  3. love the looks!!! very chic!!
    following :))) :)