Monday, October 15, 2012

The Moddame Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

News Updates:

The Summer Sale is still going on! Prices starting from $7 and up and don't forget that shipping in the US is only $3.00!

More dresses for all your wild YOLO nights are arriving weekly!

This Friday night: JETSET is at Eden, Hollywood with our ongoing HYFRIDAYS! Come chill to hip hop, r&b, and edm! Two bars and with a patio and crazy dancing on tables and chairs! Msg me for glist by 5:45pm on Friday. Free for everyone on Glist before 11pm! Hit me up for more details: 213.935.0755 Loven Lisa.

Saturday Night: We're at Icon Ultra Lounge, downtown Los Angeles. It's the hottest Asian Night in LA! Enjoy the roof top lounge, as well as a dance floor on top and bottom floors. Book tables inside or outside and get a great view of downtown LA. It's gorgeous. MSG me for glist by 5:45 on Saturdays. Free chicks and guys discounted. 213.935.0755 Loven Lisa.

Birthday Specials: Buy one bottle at menu price and receive 2 free bottles of champagne on me! Comps 20 people! This is a crazy deal. MSG me for more info! Book your birthday today. 

Early Bird Specials: Come before 10:30pm and get our 2 ciroc for $400 special! Comps 10 people.

VIP Specials: Any time arrival for 2 goose, henny, or ciroc for $550 and comps 10 people.
MSG me for more details on all specials, dresscode, etc.  

And yes, Halloween is right around the corner! Start planning it with JETSET. Here's our parties for that crazy weekend! MSG me for more details, GLIST, Bottles, Birthdays, ETC. 213.935.0755!

 "The Moddame Fall/Winter 2012 Collection"

Moddame Fall/Winter 2012 Collection will be showing at the 2nd Annual Revived Fashion Show in Fresno, California. I am excited to announce that I will be participating in this year's show for the 2nd time. 
Show Date: December 30th 2012
Location: Fresno Fair Grounds

I had tons of model applicants but i only had space for two. Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos. Here are the two new models to join my Moddame Models this year:

Model: Kay Xiong from Fresno California

 2nd New Model: Cindy Yang from Fresno, California

Here are the models from my last year show who are participating this year:

Shouna Vang from Fresno, Ca

Bao Xiong from Fresno, Ca

Brandie Vang

Chandra Her from Fresno, Ca

 Mai Kue Chang from Fresno, Ca

Nancy Vang from Fresno, Ca

Pa Her from Fresno, Ca

And I couldn't be happier to work with anyone other than our MUA from last year, Mainza.

Here are some photos from last year's collection.

There's so much going on in my life that, i really feel like i can't sleep! I work the 8-6pm job, use my week nights to update and market MODDAME.COM, as well as FB posting, club promote during the weekends, and use the weekend days to photo shoot my new arrivals and fashion blogs, and now will be designing my Halloween costume, along with the teaser piece for this year's Moddame Collection. That piece, photo shoot, runway music, and concept all needs to be completed by the end of October. Again, I don't know what i got myself into, but i'm having a blast doing it! Stay up to date with all this craziness! 

Also, if you haven't seen the first one, here's the second weekend video blog i've made. They're basically just every day life, from the boring to the fun, to the odd, and to the "who gives a shit." It's my life and that's how i want to live it, my way. Anyways, I'd appreciate it if you'd subscribe to the channel on youtube. And thank you all for the support!

Shop my site here: New arrivals will be posted tomorrow night!
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