Thursday, April 26, 2012

+sam's babyBOOKWORMshower

This past weekend i was back in Fresno for my oldest sister Sam's first Baby Shower. She's having a boy! It was a wonderful time with the family and friends. Plenty of photos to review from the cute decor my sisters put together, to the yummy deserts and foods. Family is the most important thing in my life. They can pick me up when i am at my worst and still love me LOL. I thank God for this life of 10 sisters and brothers. And for parents who are still some what sane, after all of us! I know, it's called a Hmong family, traditionally known to have a lot of children. I'm sad that my kids and the future generations will never get to live a life with so many brothers and sisters. They become your best friends and pair for life. Anyways, it was a wake up call to see the family. I have to keep striving to succeed, so someday they can come live in my big manson :D Enjoy the photos!

Congrats big sister Sam Bea! You were the best big sister anyone could've asked for. Growing up, we were spoiled using her makeup and wearing her clothes. She introduced me to fashion in 4th grade shopping at thrift stores and here i am now. She introduced us to sports and outdoor activities and life. Took us shopping and bought us souvenirs whereever she went. And still today when i need to get lectured, i call her, my second mother.

My sisters Michael and Boe with our beautiful mother.

My talented sisters and their hard work:. Cake pops, candy apples, and many more items all hand made by them! It was a baby bookworm theme. I apologize for the quality of the photos. The lighting was hard to control indoors.

It's not a Hmong baby shower without pepper dip!!

Thanks for coming everyone!

I also did some amateur shots of Sam and hubby Zang that will be posted up later this week. I'm working on them currently and want them to look great! Catch you on the next blog! 

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Your family looks so happy :-)