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I am off by one day of a month of "no blogs" since i started blogging last year! Well, what better way to start it off by a recap of last December. There's the annual Hmong New Years (HNY) that i attend yearly. A family tradition, a time to mingle with old and new friends, and a time to PARTY! It's a must to go out at night to party with all the Hmong people in town. The HNY at times have over 100,000 visitors during the 7 day event. This year was a little different. Friends are married or with kids, or the time of "old age" has hit many of us. Maybe clubs and dancing was getting old, but not for me! I grew up with music and the love of dance. I can see a little old me, still booty shaking and hitting all beats of who knows what's going to be hot when i'm 80! Hopefully next year ill be able to attend more of the night activities during this time. I am still recovering from the trip to Fresno and the late night outs, and the fashion show. I was hoping to shoot more fashion goers during this event, but i attended only one day out of the 7 days and didn't see too many eye catchers in the crowd. 

My outfit on the first day of the HNY - a drape faux suede jacket from my workplace with a vintage rabbit fur collar i attached on, f21 cheetah blouse, a&f vintage collection pant, and my favorite pair of lace up heels.
Believe it, people will actually message me and ask about how to get more hits on their lookbook.nu photos. Or why i don't have many hits on my lookbook photos. I wondered the same when i first joined the website. But a note to all: it doesn't matter how much votes you get. The most votes usually go to the most trendiest stylist. My fashion may consist of trend pieces, but i always style it in my own trend of fashion. Not everyone will like it, and im totally cool with that. It's what makes me a fashion individualist.  

Welcome to the Hmong International New Year 2011-2012.
The married people :)
Herbs and jewelry are sold at the HNY. 
These are traditional Hmong hats to wear with the outfits of the ladies.
Some Hmong traditional outfits
 Here with my cousins and sisters
 My sister loves these things and picks up a new design each year.

A night out on the 26th to Club Rome
 It's easy to turn a simple tank dress into a hot night out! Wear a belt to tighten the waist and flaunt a little curve. Wear some bangles and earrings, show off the neck line and wear a gorgeous pair of pumps!

 A night out to Club Roe on the 29th. I picked up my electric blue mini dress at f21! Thank goodness i didn't see a double at the club. 
Photo courtesy of Joseph Webster

 A night out on the 30th to a club with my cousins and sisters.

It's time to show the Fall / Winter Collection of Moddame. The concept of the designs were to keep it vintage  inspired, mod, edgy, and very sexy. I would say i loved all the fabrications i used in this collection. I feel in love with the texture on the navy stretch fabric, which created a unique look without adding too much design concept. The mustard stripe fabric was made in this stiff knit fabric, i wished i could have bought more. There were only 3 yards left on the roll, limiting me to design ideas. I added a spandex magenta polka dot fabric to give the collection more of a feminine appeal. Stretch fabric was the ideal for the collection. It would more likely fit my models with minimal alterations. Designers only met with models, the night before the event. I added deconstructed secondhand pieces and vintage finds. In doing so, i was able to use amazing color blocks & machine knit sweaters of quality in my collection. The design concept was to use raw edges. I like the raw look. I wanted to do what i do best, deconstruct a secondhand or vintage piece to create a modern design. So, this collection was just that. And last but not least, we added branches in the hair, Moddame has always been inspired by the art of nature. 

Watch the collection on the runway at 4:01 seconds. There will be better photos and videos of the show and the collection. I will post them up when available.
These are the participating Hmong designers across California, along with our MC's for the event.  Bai Vang, Pa Kou Vang, Pang Vang, MC, Vam Moua, MC Susan Vang, Tattie Lee, Ka Lor, Me, Sendy Lauj. 
 Here with Chandra, one my models wearing a vintage deconstructed blouse and under garment. I look like i haven't slept or combed my hair, and i really didn't! Pulled an all nighter for this event. 
Brandie on my right in a sexy navy dress i made with cut outs at the chest. Bao on my left in a draped sleeve blouse i sewed up at the show! 
Me sewing away and away!!

Photo courtesy of Joseph Webster who helped shoot us during prep-time.
All my models: Leslie Xiong, Mai Kue Chang, Pa Her, Shouna Vang, Brandie Vang, Nancy Vang, Aimee Xiong, Chandra Her, Linda Dang, Bao Xiong. To my right, Lea who assisted me at the show in touching up pieces here and there, to my left Mainza Lor who was the awesome MUA, and Mary Yang who did an amazing job on the hair.

The next blog will be of the photo shoot i did of the models at the end of the event. See you later this week!
** Check out the website: http://www.moddame.com/ !! L.A. Street Fashion Online - cheap, trendy, and fashion forward!

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