Tuesday, November 8, 2011

+sunday's FALL shoot

A Sunday shoot with my best friend Arthur Trujillo.
 Location: my studio and the roof top 
Arthur wanted to take on an edge and winter concept in wardrobe. Here are the shots of our shoot. 

Photography by me.
Model and Styling by: Arthur Trujillo
Photo setting in my studio.

And on the roof top, catching the last of the setting sun. I'm good behind the lens, Arthur is best in front of the lens. These photos came out amazing.

And lastly, it's been a while since i last took some fashion style photos. Arthur was able to get a couple of shots of me in my  dress tank from h&m, aldo's necklace, and nude platform pumps. 

And some photos on the roof top!

I'm thinking of making a trip down to Fresno before the REVIVED Fashion show, to shoot each model that will be participating in my collection. It'd be fun practice for me and i think the girls would love to have some fashion photos of themselves. Let's see how it goes! The REVIVED Fashion Show is coming up!! I am creating 9 to 10 looks for the event, and my model spots are almost filled up!  My newest additions are Mai Kue Chang and Pa Her, gorgeous chics from Fresno. Here's some of their photos below!

Mai Kue Chang

Pa Her

Here's another glimpse of all the models that will strut the runway in my collection:

Chandra Her

Leslie Xiong

Aimee Xiong

More soon to come! This Saturday, i will be attending the fashion event "Plaid" full of art and fashion. 
I'll blog later this week and also on the fashion event! See you on the next blog.

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